Catamaran HARDTOP Build Part 4 – Onboard Lifestyle ep.138


On this week’s episode of Onboard Lifestyle we start laying down fiberglass fabric on the new hardtop substrate for our 435 catamaran SV basik. We work well as a team as we muscle through this project layer by layer. Come back next week to see what we get done…see you then!

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Products Used in this Video:
Honeycomb Core:
West System Epoxy System:
Sanding Products:

  1. Susan sinclair says

    Wow. It seems to me that Linh pumped a bit of epoxy and occasionally helped you, Teal by holding the edge of the cloth but apart from that, you seemed to do all the hard work, Teal. Yet it was Linh who we heard moaning about how hard she had to work pumping. She may be reasonably attractive but I'd think about finding someone decent if I were you.

  2. Mark Allen says

    Awesome Kattamaran. I feel like the ocean is calling me. Its my long term goal for me to open and Kattamaran after I'm done with with my Couch I'm throwing it out selling my house's and moving to Florida buying a bar/business and using the bar to buy the Kattamaran. I think the boat life is amazing. Keep up the great work and video. Can't wait to see the next one

  3. Derek the Canook says

    Not sure whats going on with Google ads , but I got 8 ads in blocks of 2 that I couldn't skip and only made it 2/3rds of the way to the end. First time I've not finished one of your videos. They're always so good.

  4. Metzi Crowden says

    Great tutorial

  5. Rene M says

    Hi could you share which smartband watch do you use? Thanks

  6. Russ Mason says

    Hello from south central Thailand.


    nice job on the canopy

  8. Louise Cooper says

    Sail Life channel and your channel are my absolute favourite diy boat channels. Mads from Sail Life and you, are the most meticulous and interesting boat craftsmen with a lot of ingenuity thrown in. I have binge watched both channels. I have no intention of buying or sailing a vessel, I just find the process of remodelling these beautiful vessels fascinating and binge worthy.

  9. Bill23799 says

    Teal wasn't there even a small project this week that needed some….." THICKENED EPOXY !!!!!!! " ?
    Haha it was fun watching Linh last week.

  10. MrAmusgrove says

    How does Teal feel about the progress?

  11. wayne hammond says


  12. High Light says

    We need more than 16 mins guys…..this is an interesting project.

  13. MrMilothedog says

    Did you wash the blush off between coats, before sanding ?

  14. Thomas Lycke says

    You are a lucky fuck and you deserve it, such a skill with plastic and such a skill with the family. Its amazing. Can I ask you a very personnel Q? What is the saldo on your bank account?

  15. brett harman says

    excellent video as always! did you consider inducing some curvature into this deck? what is your expectation of what this piece will weigh after all layers of FG? i have really learned a lot from you over the past years thank you!!

  16. Eric Seidel says

    Hi, If you laminate all layers on one side only , it is likely to bend insn't it? Due to differential retraction.

  17. marie mosier says

    Teal loves his projects cops really looking good of course

  18. C.L. Searles says


  19. Smokes 65 says

    Great job I hope when all is done it won't be too heavy to install. It is going to look awesome. The shade you will have too. Be safe have fun safe travels and fair winds to you all.

  20. Rupert Hartop says

    Great progress on the hardtop. Hope your heads ok Linh after all those shots. Thanks for sharing

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