Caruana vs Duda | Speed Chess Championship | Jan Gustafsson & Peter Svidler


World no.2 Fabiano Caruana takes on Polish no. 1 Jan-Krzysztof Duda in the Last 16 of the Speed Chess Championships, organised by Jan Gustafsson and Peter Svidler commentate. Follow the games:

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#FabianoCaruana #Duda

  1. Learning It Quietly says

    Flipped it for real… Got to love Jan's deadpan references.

  2. david spedding says

    how the hell can talk talk endless talk through a i min game ??

  3. Pradyumna Mundhe says

    "Any kind of generalisation is generally not good" – Svidler

  4. Adelaide Corpuz says

    Again. So vs duda. Next round

  5. david spedding says

    who is the worlds 3000 player?must be one?

  6. david spedding says

    guys with that type of hair in time in middle age tend to lose it caruana will prob do the same weird as it seems now

  7. vibovitold says

    The exchange from 1:08:37 to 55 sums it up perfectly. I wonder how Peter can keep on taking this bullshit for hours, he probably just tunes out.
    Love Peter's observation though: "maybe it wasn't great, but yeah, allowing mates with checks is generally suboptimal". It goes right onto t-shirts.

  8. Lukas Eicher says

    All those haters here don't understand the subtle, dry, European humour – just stick to your low elo, Mericanized stream. Love the content as usual!

  9. david spedding says

    would any engine answer e4 with e6? without its opening book? why i wonder?

  10. JC R says

    World no. 2 Caruana on classical chess , but very disapointed on blitz and bullet. I think Sarin crushing him.

  11. Dion Lindsay says

    Given Peter's love for all things English, we could call this Chess Match Special. Can cake be far behind?

  12. Palle Kuling says

    Always a pleasure to listen to Peter Svidler (yeah, I know some of you does not agree). But my dream team commentators would be Swidler+Leko+Polgar.

  13. R K says

    Thanks for the dry humor and expert-level commentary! Please equalize both audio streams next time, so I don't have to stick my laptop inside my ears to hear Svidler and then poop my pants because Gustafsson is screaming in the mic.

  14. C Rizzy says

    Wow really impressive performance by Duda.

  15. Dion Lindsay says

    Jan sounds like he's having sleepless nights.

  16. gio aspe says

    47:4048:50 ahahah

  17. Peter V says

    This is probably one of the worst commentaries (and biased) to one of the most interesting speed chess matches.
    From 0:3 to 17:9 – wow !

  18. Maciek Trybuszewski says

    Svidler looked uncomfortable during first couple of minutes, his face saying "where do these awkward comments lead?" I quickly switched to Ashley and Hess, felt like watching NBA.

  19. 123okpaul456 says

    At 1:35:58, Svidler mentions a game between Morozevich and MVL. I think he's talking about this one:

  20. Gurvinder Singh says

    Wtf just happened at 3:37:45 Peter and Jan discussing PKMKB. Those who get it get it . Those who don't well what can i say.

  21. lm s says pays people for negative comments about chess24. What a surprise.

  22. josh darius says

    That Duda smoked him goooood! Biased coverage for the American though..very disapointed.

  23. FIrst Last says

    A big part of getting through early covid19 lockdown, booze ban and curfew (in the country where I live) was Chess 24's commentary of the Magnus Carlsen tour. Jan Gus, P Sviddy, Leko, Grischuk, Trent etc. The sense and the nonsense you talk is more appreciated than you'd believe. Hitchhiker's #1, Mike Atherton #2. Stop asking.

  24. buckknife xoxo says

    Jan Gustafsson: the most smackable face in Chess.

  25. roy cristuta says

    This russia guy desperately trying to hold his fart and hoping that no one catches him. 😂😂😂

  26. roy cristuta says

    This russia guy talks like he's trying to impress everyone in front of a cameraman he thinks his shit doesn't stink. Something wrong with this dodgy dork.

  27. Adam Azoulay says

    Peter is trying his best but Jan is a horrible commentary partner.

  28. Kakambo Candide says

    This is exactly why classical chess should not be mixed with rapid and blitz.

  29. Alex Robinson says

    I watch chess24 streams all the time and adore the content. I just want you guys to be aware that the arrows which indicate where a piece might move to in a certain line are just awful. They’re small, skinny, and even the colors don't contrast well. Im 25 with perfect vision and I swear sometimes I need to squint at the video to see the arrows.

    My advice: Please fatten them up, make the arrows bolder with better colours. Copy the style but with different colours for example of a stream. For real UPGRADE YOUR ARROWS. They’re probably the most important part of your stream as I imagine the majority of people watching are likely 1700 rated or so and below. The arrows are integral to us being able to understand the line of 6 moves that Peter Svifler or Jan just listed off.

    Thank you so much for listening to my rant,

  30. Raghav Chaudhary says

    Fabi was crushing the first five games or so.
    Spectacular loss at the end from a 4-1 lead.

  31. buddy buddy says

    c – virus

  32. smerdyakovkb says

    trolls in the comments gtfo stick to the chat

  33. AnthonyXX says

    Fabi doesnt want to use his prep for the candidates so he just picked the french and other random openings. he's not much of a speed chess player and didnt take this seriously

  34. thunderjew says

    like you guys especially Peter but that was terrible

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