BUSY WORK WEEK IN MY LIFE | balancing a healthy lifestyle + working a 9-5 (food, spin + groceries)


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  1. Naomi Cowart says

    Great week in life! I bought my mom a name necklace from MyOwnNecklace.com last year. Amazing… She even cried when she saw the necklace.

  2. annakearney23 says

    I love seeing what you eat! It helps me get inspiration for quick meals for my work week! I struggle with that so much! I’m okay with any and all work vlogs! I’d be okay with daily work vlogs during vlogmas!

  3. Thandeka Mangwiro says

    I literally watch your videos to remind me to plan my days/weeks…..and your videos are just so satisfying!!! love your content!

  4. Jenn Lancaster says

    Love to see meal ideas included in the vlog!

  5. Alma Maldonado says

    Loved seeing your new passion for spin, my gym just added spin classes and I can't wait to check them out!

  6. Olivia Horner says

    i put turmeric in my eggs sometimes and its so good! also a ketchup on scrambled eggs type of person too lol.

  7. Stephanie says

    Do you have to wear a mask at your spin studio? Our studios are closed here in BC 🙁

  8. Randi Tocher says

    your vlogs always make my day so happy and super motivating to be more productive! 💕

  9. Sophia Vuong says

    Thank you for making my day brighter!

  10. Name Notnecessary says

    As long as you remind yourself that you don’t live up to anyone’s expectations, you can do whatever is in your best interest –
    My mindset : I never make it my choice to live by other’s life advice because it’s not my responsibility to live up to anyone’s expectations

  11. Megan Morant says

    So pumped for this video! I wanted to try spin here in Manitoba, but we are back in code red, so the gyms are closed! This inspired me to try it when we open up again!

  12. Erin Connors says

    I LOVE spin too!! I have zero motivation to work out unless I book a class, so spin is the way to go 🙂 Hope you have a great week!!

  13. Julia Scardina says

    This is a completely random video request but can you please do a candle collection video for vlogmas?! I think it would be so fun to see all the candles you have!!

  14. Naushin Vighio says

    Love the vlog!!! What lulu did you end up getting to spin in?

  15. Jahzeel Rangel says

    OMG YES I LOVE SPIN TOO! I miss doing it back in college :(( my classes are virtual now

  16. Jahzeel Rangel says

    Hi! I love you and your videos hehe. I'm a Kinesiology major with a concentration in fitness and health promotion, I find it interesting that you work in corporate healthcare! Keep up the good work, you're so productive with the day, it's inspiring <3 Also, I love your rest days too. Have a great day girly 🙂

  17. Natasha C says

    Watch your cortisol levels with cardio, I was a marathon runner for over a decade and I had to switch to balancing weight lifting and cardio because my stress hormones were through the roof from cardio! But I saw more results from weight lifting and yoga in 6 months than just pure cardio lol 😝

  18. marie boschman says

    Can't wait😁

  19. melvin henry says

    I enjoy ALL your work week vlogs!
    They're different and I LOVE it!!

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