Build Your First iOS App with Visual Studio 2019 and Xamarin


In this video, I’ll show you the steps to build your first iOS application in Visual Studio 2019 with C#, .NET, and Xamarin. We will see how to build a basic app, connection to the macOS host, and deploy using the remoted iOS simulator for Windows.

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  1. Christopher says

    Nobody wants to use the Mac.. that's why we are here.. Otherwise we would just use XCode ??

  2. altin bana says

    So first develop your App in Windows Xamarin for Android and IOS and then test it and compile/upload to app store using Mac? is that the purpose of using Xamarin? I hope I am correct.

  3. Muhammad Paras says

    how to create/ generate ipsw file after creating ios app

  4. 44Bigs says

    Not much of an app, is it?

  5. Klaus Kobald says

    0:33 I cannot find a mobile template. I am using Visual Studio 2019 on a MAC ! The open dialog looks completely different from what you are showing here !!!

  6. Moshiko_AZ says

    is it optional to access mac over internet and not local ?

  7. gehad enayat says

    How can execute the app for IOS?,Please

  8. Tri. Ter. says

    Can you create the app by ticking all devices as you did ( ios, android etc), build it for other devices first, and lastly check if what u build can run on an IOS by using an apple device once?

  9. Golden Hawk says

    all cozy and comfy until he whips out the MAC

  10. Vandel Jason Strypper says

    WHERE IS UWP ????

  11. Johnny Car says


  12. AtomicSymphonic says

    I'm seeing a ton of questions saying the same thing here: "Do you have to have a Mac to build an iOS app?"…The answer is YES. The build/compile tools are MacOS exclusive. You can either rent a Mac server online and remote into it or you have to buy one. Either option requires you to spend money. There is no officially "free" way to do it like with Android.I'm sure you can find plenty of people making "Hackintosh" VMs, but bear in mind that's straight-up piracy and I wouldn't recommend you build your future app business on a hackintosh.

  13. Как? says


  14. Moshiko_AZ says

    what is you dont own a mac ?

  15. claudia trujillo says

    where can i find the solution explorer if my new proyect appears without it? It just appears the properties window without nothing

  16. kingbrianmendes says

    I just need MacOS (iMac, Macbook, etc)? Just the iPhone? Or do I need both (Mac + iPhone)?And what are the minimum or recommended versions of each device?

  17. Amardeep Agrawal says

    Nice Video ! I don't have MAC but have iPhone, can i run my app there to test ?

  18. Hire Best Xamarin Developer says

    As a release of Visual Studio 2019, every xamarin mobile app development company like are adopting its feature and started implementing VS 2019 in their development process. This advance update of microsoft plays a giant role in Mobile app development technology.

  19. Cockroaches says

    Hi im new in xamarin im totally confused ..How to run xamarin ios on windows

  20. Incredible GreatRay says

    This is nothing different than a Linux cross compiling with gcc or something like that, just a forms tol on top of it

  21. Vincent W says

    Why would you develop on windows if you have a Mac? 🙄

  22. Brian The Husky says

    Does this release our app into the App Store?

  23. mehoprelivoda says

    In order to impersonate a tiger for a school play you will need a real tiger which will play it for you.

  24. YFN Tygold says

    That defeats the purpose 😑… The whole point was to do it completely on windows.

  25. im1in260m says

    "And there you have it." If you own a Mac with an iOS simulator.

  26. vad1010 says

    I don't get it, is there a page explain the full logic of xamarin because I see Windows project, ios project and android project. But if I want to code an app for Android and Ios, where do I put my code ? More precisely, how do I organize my code ?

  27. Cartoon Cynic says

    Suck it XCode

  28. So Kevin says

    So it is necessary to own a MAC?I really have no idea how will a MAC user use window develop IOS APP with a MAC simulator but not with his own MAC. If I really need to develope IOS APPS, why DON'T I just use it in cloud?

  29. wilcodk says

    Do you know if it's posible to use who "rents out" virtuel Mac's on a subscription…

  30. VaNeRaDe says

    I dont have a Mac how do i do IT?

  31. Specty says

    Well no Mac 🙁 next vid

  32. Adrián Correa says

    Great explanation: short, clear, complete,… and… lovely.

  33. InsectorXY says

    Are there ANY Tutorials on YouTube that show you how to publish to an actual iPhone from Visual Studio on Windows remotely? Does the iPhone have to be hooked up to the Windows computer, or the remote Mac computer?

  34. Muhammad rezza Kurniawan says

    if i don't have mac, what i can make ios apps in xamarin visual studio?

  35. Rovetown says

    Can i use cpp instead if c#? Or is it not possible.

  36. PremiumSwitch Gaming says

    I'm Developer My name is Xander

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