The stand out track from The Boss’s 1978 LP ‘Darkness on the edge of town’ – ‘Racing in the street’ is a beautiful recording from start to finish – soulful storytelling and musicianship from Springsteen and the band.

Hailed as one of his best and much loved by the artist himself. ‘Racing in the street’ is a quiet classic. Enjoy (and also check out Canadian Serena Ryder’s version of this song – sublime)

  1. Brenda Wright says

    Thanks Mack for the car

  2. Brenda Wright says

    Memories of my brother-n-law. HERES TO YOU MIKE.

  3. 123 XYZ says

    To the good ol' days… ✌🇺🇸

  4. Ted Hansen says

    Pretty amazing that he wrote this when he still didn't even know how to drive. Further proof that he is telling OUR stories. (Those with a lump in your throat listening to this know what I mean).

  5. Wolf Lair says

    If I'm to be grateful to the USA for any one single thing. Musically, I think I'd have to go with this band.

  6. Charlie says

    I love the song, but you know he didn't know anything about cars. fulie heads on a 396?Dude from LA reminds me of a street race my uncle took me to when I was a kid in the 60s, guy from California with a Vette showed up in Eastern NM, made his brag got beat by local farm kid and never stopped headed straight for TX with his foot on the floor unfortunately for him the locals weren't the hicks he was hoping for and the money was held by someone else

  7. Centifanti24 says

    With the eyes of one who hates for just being born… good lord that's tuff!

  8. Holly Gulland says

    Beautiful song

  9. Stuart Harrington says

    This guy. He just gets me. In every way.

  10. rangr6 says

    Man I came up during the seventies and eighties. Big block engines redlining, grabbing gears and tires smoking! God I would love to go back to those days.

  11. Joseph Davis says

    Listened to "independence Day" before this……TEARS……

  12. Jim Meek says

    I have had these lyrics memorized for 40 years

  13. Virginia Capolupo says

    uno dei primi dieci brani del boss.

  14. iean mcmillan says

    smoke em if ya got em. best you'll ever hear

  15. Gunnar Moeller says

    Everything was just fine..and then the terrible 80's came along.

  16. ken warneke says

    Am besten.

  17. spanky x says

    always see myself in my 63 valiant (in 1980!) gliding over warm asphalt on a summer night

  18. THaggerty says

    I think The Promised Land is easily the best song on this album.

  19. foxyroxstar says

    Let's Just Ride' This Comment Ever Revisited! Heart Broken!

  20. mr pele says

    Simply awesome, speechless…

  21. Jim Meek says

    Great song

  22. Kayte Sandlin says

    For John, racing the streets of gold now 1945-2018

  23. Dan Mastrotto says

    The all time greatest cruisin' song!!! I love this song from the boss! Seen him live in concert and he's even better.

  24. Gabor Vargo says

    Dam, Bruce captures it all. Glad to be around his age. Lived, grew up with his era, timeless. He keeps me young!

  25. Nate BB says

    For all you arguing about him using the 396/Fuelie head line, just for arguments sake, you CAN take a 3.875 crank, put it in a 400 small block, and get a 396 cubic inch small block …. so there … enjoy the song dammit

  26. Mark Marony says

    Up there w/ Drive All Night (and many others). Pure.

  27. michael Halavatovic says

    What a song should be.

  28. zgabearta iftode says


  29. Charlie Hall says

    Omg. That's the real boss . Would love to go back and have that life.

  30. Cody Kennedy says

    just to record the various references:1:20 – dancing in the street by martha and the vandells2:37 – then he kissed me by the crystals5:15 – crocodile rock by elton john (which is itself a reference to a Pat Boone song)

  31. Jim Laskowski says

    Did I hear….straight ought of Scranton?

  32. DaBIONICLEFan says

    The one on 'The Promise' is the better version

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