1. Luke De Col says

    Is that intro on pretty woman?? Really bugging me

  2. Jessica Buehneman says

    I get in my Dodge Hellcat and crank this song. What a masterpiece.

  3. Lee Lilley says

    Very nice,god bless us all.

  4. maxwell smart says

    Paulo Newman bought AND fixedand RACED My X color datsun..At Limerock, ct.✔️

  5. damianvisser says

    Warning to all real Springsteen fans: the end of the song is faded out before Roy even gets going. If you want to hear the song in all its glory, look elsewhere!

  6. Jan Zwetsloot says

    Just speechless! My favourite song of "our Boss".

  7. B.R. Field says

    I had a 1969 Chevy ( El Camino SS) with a 396 and Hurst 4 speed (on the floor), I carried by race bike in it (a Honda CR125 and then a Suzuki RM370). I raced Motocross. I rebuilt the 396 (myself) and had the transmission done too, it had power. I knew at 22 my dream of making a good living at Pro motocross wasn't going to happen, so I sold it to go to college at 23. Sometimes I wish I had it back, it was my first car.

  8. Carl Anderson says

    When I get home, too Dead tired to do anything, I remember this song, and after I’ve finished playing it, I’m in the car ready to live. This is one of those songs, that if the artist never made another one, they would’ve already achieved greatness. And Bruce has a hundred more like this.

  9. Jim Laskowski says


  10. pwpt6 says

    RIP Mark Hopper. I hope you're racing in the streets. 1965-2017

  11. Andrew Dwyer says

    This is simply a masterpiece

  12. Maggie The Cat says

    One of the most melancholy songs ever written.. 🎵🎶🎵

  13. anella d'ambrosio says

    Questa versione e meravigliosa!!!😇😍😘🎸🎷💎🎶🌲🌟⛄

  14. Scott Thrower says

    Not a Springsteen fan. A lot of his music is too heavy on saxophone for my taste. But this song? A masterpiece.

  15. Linda Norris says

    Back streets.

  16. Deidre Hindley says

    As a teenager I loved listening to you! Believed I was going to marry Bruce Springsteen all the way from South Africa!! Now at almost 49, I am still listening.Thank you!

  17. Arnold Shortman says

    Damnit Eugene, you got this song stuck in my head! You and your stupid Mauve Storm!

  18. paul summers says

    Song is about 2 girls. One human, one Chevy.

  19. George Andronis says

    In terms of songwriting ability …..some miles above the Everest and even more

  20. Paul Isaac says

    I know I’ve heard bits and pieces of this song before, but listening to the entire tune is a peak experience!

  21. kay van says

    Good song but double hump ie fuelie heads weren’t available on 396 big block Chevy engines, «  I got a 69 Chevy 327 power glide on the floor. » would have been more like itI loved the way my 68 SS empala would snap you back and screech a little going from 1st to drive but with a 4.x 1.1 differential kit and a 750 cfm 4 barrel carb everything snaps back.

  22. Scott Prohaska says

    My best friend Rich passed away on this day in 2006. We'll all leave this place someday, but this song will always be here for all who are still left.

  23. Shari Crocker says

    Sonny, was my enemy. I knew that seeking from coma. I said… "FUCKYOU, I AM OK"

  24. Jeremy Smith says

    Doesnt get any better

  25. antonio paz says

    es una balada perfecta,emocionante.y lleva mas de 30 años enamorandome cada vez que la escucho.

  26. Daniele Di Lorenzo says


  27. SFWD 717 says

    It my first time hearing this and it brings me good memories!!! lost my best friend 2001in my car accident…. man im going to be playing this when i hit the drag strip.

  28. Frank Rogers says

    Such a great song!

  29. John Grepo says

    A car guy who can sing..rare but anything is possible

  30. Dolores Romero Sanchez says

    Que grande es

  31. Eno Osmalli says

    A masterpiece,

  32. Paolo Setti says

    How the hell can there be 151 dislikes? I mean everyone has got their own tastes.. but guys sincerely what kind of tastes have you got?

  33. MrKiller958 says

    Although my musical hero is Jerry Lee i would say that racing in the street with Bruce is on top of my favourit tunes! Magic!!

  34. blipco5 says

    Fuely heads were 62-65 small block only. Outside of that the song is flawless.

  35. tramps like us says

    'She stares off alone into the night with the eyes that hate for just being born'

  36. Pablo Jose says

    Fuelie heads for a 396? Fuelie heads for a 327

  37. Tim Mayhorn says

    Does anyone else realize that there was no such thing as a fuelie 396?  Chevy never had a fuel injected big block engine including the 396.  Only the small block had a fuel injection option.  283 and 327 cubic inch.

  38. Martin Müller says

    ES lässt mich an meine Jugend erinnern 😊😎😄ist halt so!!! Liebe dieses Lied!😍

  39. Bucky Bryant says

    BRUCE? Quit being an imbecile and write like this … AGAIN! m/m/

  40. Hirondina Monteiro Tavares says

    Me tienes loca cada día no puedo vivir si tu música te quiero asta muerte

  41. Rod Giacoleetch says

    A Camaro is a chicks car

  42. Kristinn Thor Johannesson says

    The perfect song

  43. vagyokazsombor says

    I got my fifty two keys on a seven-three-sevenMarble top and sustain on the floorShe's waiting tonightDown in my private charterThis is what I blow Elton John for…(harmonica)/rita_pizza/

  44. waldogheadify says

    His masterpiece.

  45. jane budzynski says

    I tear up every time i listen to this song, brings back memories of senior year 1980 in NJ in my 64 Nova racing up and down Rt 70 in Cherry Hill. His music will live forever

  46. TheMimifur says

    ~It's from 17 til death. Nearly 60 years old now and can't help loving this music and it stirrs my soul.

  47. waldogheadify says

    Brucies masterpiece of masterpieces. Phenomenal.

  48. Dean Kane says

    It brings tears because it’s innoncence of youth not complicated with technology . Simple joyous fun just a car and a road

  49. montroclq says

    album was new jersey.

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