Brawl Stars Brawl-O-Ween Music (2020) Brawl-O-Ween Theme Music | Brawl Stars OST


Brawl Stars Brawl O Ween Music | Brawl O Ween Theme Music | Brawl Stars OST | Brawl Stars October
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➺ In This Video I showed you the new menu music of brawl o ween!!!!!….Make sure you watch till the end! Hope you enjoy!!!!!

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  1. Canal - Brawl Stars says

    Join My Official club 🙂
    Channel Members! -:
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    I have some video ideas 👀 Expect soon! Thanks so much for watching 😊 cya soon ☺️
    Poco's Bandstand Environment music! –

  2. Jerry Butler says

    Dam this song is the best of the brawl stars 2020. I love this music 🇲🇽❤️

  3. DONUTOWYY says

    Mexican music !🎃🎵

  4. Sri Nithin says

    1:22 is the only nice part

  5. Cj Belvins says

    Better than chinese new year and clash royale

  6. Bryan Silva says

    I play brawl stars on portuguese (im brazilian btw) but sometimes i enter the game and is english

  7. Christian Torres says

    Viva Méxicoooooo

  8. Владислав Голоскевич says

    Hard flex

  9. WerVot says

    The best song in brawl stars (Srry for m6 english)

  10. Hunter Freymuth says

    I have nothing bad to say about you but I have plenty wrong to say about how this menu theme ruined what could have been a legacy of music for brawloween

  11. COSMIC SHOCK says


  12. Ajeesh K.N says


  13. Ajeesh K.N says


  14. RihamYo4 XD says

    y 1@1+1+1+@

  15. fury destroyer says

    Best theme I've ever heard and I want to listen to it every day

  16. WastedBroccoli47 says

    Best one since arcade theme in february. great video thanks for uploading

  17. FGM - Brawl stars says

    Lol this sounds like a trap music with cool beats 😎

  18. MR XS says


  19. *-ElektroGamerTR-* says

    definetely last years is better. this one is not good not bad •-•

  20. Pete GAMER says

    Dude will u also keep the Brawl-O-Ween battle music?? btw… cool music:)

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