1. FartDonkey says

    I would watch this while I poop but Walmart ran out of toilet paper

  2. Najam Ul Saqib says

    I am in love with MUSTANG

  3. Najam Ul Saqib says

    No one can beat FORD MUSTANG

  4. double1935 says

    I get it! The bmws are giving the mustang a 2 second head start. No one could start that bad on purpose.

  5. Bill Cosby says

    Bmw all launch all late

  6. Shobhit Mistry says

    How did The Mustang not run out

  7. Justa6cylinder S54 says

    Wow that mustang had rear wheel and tire set up lmao

  8. Luis Torres says

    The M3s ok. It’s gotten so big and fat. The M2 is the New BMW flagship to sports cars.

  9. Mar_ ko_ says


  10. Mar_ ko_ says


  11. Ghz Kmou says

    who is the owner of that mustang?

  12. Nuno Pereira says

    I actually prefer the mustang

  13. Maxime J. Bezina says

    weird because now it's M4 who's king of straight where Mustang PP2 takes the palm on circuit… and huge gap of 40 000$… that's too much.https://youtu.be/3p2CQ-G7iHg?t=618

  14. Justin Allen says

    you can definitely chalk it up to the lack of a 10 speed automatic

  15. Navtej says

    Mustangs 🔥🔥🔥

  16. Alex Sandro Soares says

    BMW forever kkkk

  17. Sky Ishi Gen says

    Wtf, the guy on a mustang sucks at shifting gears

  18. James Smith says

    Damn BMW are slow as fuck those mustangs embarrassed that m4s🤦‍♂️😆

  19. 𝘂𝘄𝘂 says

    Race of plastic less than exciting cars

  20. Mohamed Yaseen says

    Bmw is always best!!!! Ohh man

  21. Ырыс Турдиева says


  22. Hasib YouTube says

    The mustang gt wheel was spinning crazy

  23. Spoutnik says

    What was that?? Without audience ?

  24. Michael Lowe says

    What I have learned from this video is BMW drivers have slow reflex

  25. milos siljko says

    The driver who drove BMW is total amateur and has reflex as my grandfather when he's sick.

  26. Ice_Cube_ 17x says

    Mustang ❤

  27. Jeff Carr says

    Not drag cars why bother

  28. Narsoun says

    Lot of noise still lose 😂

  29. Matt Williams says

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 mustang flexed hard then got smoked.

  30. bigmajordawg says

    Every automatic beats a shift…u learn it in driving school..ohh wait Americans have a 90 dollar DL…

  31. Spider Mon says

    I like the old mustang

  32. Avideep Singh says

    Bmw is god father

  33. Kuba xd Kawa says

    Mustang best

  34. Positive says

    White Mercedes is my dream car

  35. John Cosico says

    We’re you taking a nap between shifts?

  36. BadCoyote says

    Wont race my 10 speed, I dare you

  37. Kevin LA says

    Muscle vs technology. Bmw makes you look stupid with their straight six 😂

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