BLOW THE FLAG! | Part 15 | CHIVAS FM20 | Football Manager 2020


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Another episode in my Road to Glory FM20 series with Mexican side Club Deportivo Guadalajara, or CD Guadalajara, or as I’ll be calling them because it seems like the easy option, Chivas. This Football Manager 2020 series takes us to the Mexican Liga MX and to a club that are only allowed to sign Mexican players – no Brazilian wonderkids for me in this series… We’ve got a decent youth setup, a solid squad and plenty of money – everything looked like it was going to be nice and easy until a familiar face turned up – Director of Football Mike. And the club have now decided he’s going to be in control of all transfers in and out of the club, meaning I’m going to have to live or die by tactical ability and training know how, with no way to buy my way out of trouble…

This is going to be a Director of Football challenge series, with the end of goal of winning the Club World Cup with a team entirely made up of Mexican players.

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  1. Carey - Let's Get Acquainted says

    0:49 unbelievable

  2. Ratwar says

    Sign Mick Powell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ragin Cajun says

    Three year loans only happen in Greece.

  4. Fantorangen Official says

    It’s been 15 episodes and I have just realisted that Briseño and Brizuela are two different persons

  5. Gerard Turley says

    If transfer window is close you can at least place players on lists as DOF. Then it's up to Mike to work his magic. We all know you said you had nothing to do with transfers but theres definitely staff instructions where you can tell Mike to do it!Great result BTW. Oh and that game you gave up on Kev the Campeones of Campeones. That leads to another final against winner of overall MLS Cup! Just a thought. Still loving the adventure.🌵⚽️

  6. Deckstar Deluxe says

    What’s mikes knowledge of Mexico like? Is it going up? If not then I can see where this save will end up….

  7. stephen fleming says

    i got a notification this morning from google saying Chivas were drawing 1-1 in a real life match weird i think google were reading kev's mind

  8. Bastian Schrøder Larsen says

    Dieter! My man!

  9. Shawn Gillogly says

    13:10…no. the league is expanding as a sop to the fact the FMF suspended promotion/relegation between the top 2 leagues for the next 5 yrs. Claiming the financial instability of teams in Liga Ascensio prohibits bringing them into Liga MX. So in practice, Liga MX is becoming more like MLS. And less like a typical league. And even then, it was always more like a typical CONMEBOL league.

  10. nathan bunce says

    U need to mark the players you don't want as unwanted in some way or you gonna be stuck with them forever seeing as there's so many of them ?

  11. Sean Jolly says

    Just waiting for the window where Kev uses the unwanted and development lists to instruct his DoF that he doesn't need half the squad and we have 31 transfers out 😂

  12. Sooraj Venugopal says

    League looking more competitive

  13. George McCulloch says

    Sack you're DOF and higher a Mexican one

  14. Darnell Mcghee says

    Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  15. xpatriotkiwi says

    A balanced Diet is a Taco in Each hand, how goes that sound in Greek?

  16. Bloomie 23 says

    Surely you can say " hey Mike I don't want this lot.. There all pap sell the for me" and set them all the listed so he can do the rest??

  17. Chandler says

    Well kev, the reason the flag was not blown was because the striker who was offsides had not yet been involved in the play until he touched the ball according to da rules of the game.

  18. Tactical Manager TV says

    Football manager is the best game ever 🤙🏽🤙🏽⚽️⚽️

  19. Beatrice Phelps says

    So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

  20. Itay Kisous says

    If you are surprised by a 3 years loan deal, in Israel we had 5 years loan deal with buy clause XD but the loan got terminated after 1 season

  21. AstrianLoki says

    Doing ok despite Mike's sabotage in the window

  22. Gav P says

    Blow that flag….🌬🏳…. or is raise that whistle !!??🤣

  23. Joseph Banks says

    You need to move a lot of the players down to the ‘B’ teamSo mike will think we need more players

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