BIG iOS 14 Feature NO One Knew About & iOS 14.1


iOS 14 is just days away from being released to the public. iOS 14 gm should be released in a few day and the the public release of iOS 14 and soon iOS 14.1.

iOS 14 beta 8 is the last beta of iOS 14 before the gm and the final, even though iOS 14 went through 8 betas but there are still secret features on iOS 14, this is a big new feature that has been hidden for week on iOS 14.


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  1. iReviews says

    Will you change your default browser on iOS 14 ?

  2. Hridaya Shrestha says

    Can you place apps anywhere on your screen? Any method of doing so would work.

  3. Keno Noke says

    I don’t see it I went to chrome nothing

  4. David Bass says

    I’m using the 10xr with iOS 14 beta 8 and it doesn’t have anywhere for to switch any default third party apps

  5. Atlantaboi16 says

    I don't see that on my iphone 11

  6. James Aguilera-Moreno says

    This is not accurate im one beta below Beta 8 on my ipad pro and iphone 11 and i cannot set chrome as a default browser. I am going to update to the last beta and see if i get the option.

  7. MIRZA RIZWAN says

    Can’t wait to set Spark as my default email app

  8. Darryl Racoma says

    That option is not appearing for me I am in beta 8 but its not there help please?

  9. Rushyan King says

    ideviceHelp talk about this on his channel today!

  10. Jailbreak0King says

    Top Video

  11. Hyungtae Figur says

    As a programmer, I suspect that feature to choose the default browser in Chrome settings is added not on a OS update but on the app update. I think every developer needs to configure that manually.

  12. GhostOfPeep says

    Still don’t have hotspot

  13. PoliceActivities says

    do any of u guys have battery draining problem?

  14. Jesse Christoffer says

    Anyone else notice there is no "slide to select messages" anymore with iOS 14?

  15. hellreza says

    will this effect anything? for example, ad blockers. will it still work for 3rd party browser apps?

  16. Daniel Roa says

    no one knew about? it literally shows in the keynota and has been widely talked bout that you can set custom default browsers. how stupid!

  17. Day in the life of a DAD says

    Question why do people rather use chrome ? Safari works fine

  18. Pratik Raul says

    Great one

  19. MasterspartanX2 says

    Pure clickbate

  20. Osama Ali says

    Jus a waste of my time

  21. Insane Clown Posse says

    Good Video 🔥🔥🔥

  22. daeshawn williams says

    Give Gboard full access and my life is complete

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