1. Ryan Refe says

    When youtube recommend this to you

  2. No One says

    And they said they couldn't dance

  3. dqrkhappy says

    i remember a mashup with thisand the backstreet boys in the 2000s

  4. Starsong says

    I proved who were my true bffs by sending this vid link to certain friends(And they agreed we totally are!)

  5. Bekah Ball says

    Good mythical morning everyone Hahaha 😂

  6. Bekah Ball says

    Good mythical morning is my favorite song

  7. Enrico Pucci says

    hey i suffrr from shjap memry lossty and nowj I juss us mempry

  8. Kendall Smith says

    Link looks nothing like link

  9. Jessica Brighton says

    This is amazing!

  10. Maccabee Bloom says

    What happened to links glasses?

  11. Glitchy Animates says

    I sent this to my friend (Now bff) and it strenghtened our friendship

  12. pokemon playa says

    This is the most Ant and Dec they’ve ever been

  13. Adam Reeves says

    Wha- I’ve only ever listened to this song via Spotify but somehow I already know the choreography-

  14. YourTypical Weirdo says

    I love every second of it

  15. Semy says

    Isn’t this a parody of some song? Would any one like to tell me?

  16. Jelly Belly says

    I'm i the only one who hears cff instead of bff

  17. Kayla Anderson says

    1:11 is so fun

  18. Hayley Demoret says

    If me and my bestfriend dont have a friendship like this in the future I dont want it😂😂

  19. forensic agent says

    this is so catchy i memorized all the lyrics

  20. purpleglitterize says

    This is the best music video ever!

  21. Mackenzie Lynn says

    They have great vocals

  22. nico. says

    I know all the lyrics without knowing them. How is this man

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