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BEST Android TV Box 2019 – FINALLY SOMETHING NEW! This video is my official unboxing and review of the Beelink GT – King Android TV box! Is this the best / top android tv box 2019? With its new hardware specs, including the new Amlogic s922x how does this box perform for 4k streaming, Netflix (SD Only), gaming etc! Antutu benchmark test also done! Not necessarily cheap or budget, like under $50, but certainly far more affordable than the Nvidia Shield at approx $100! Let me know your early thoughts!

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  1. Ronald Rowe says

    Do you have to update the devise

  2. S H says

    just buy a android 10 box for under 100 dollars

  3. Jesse Reiter says

    why is death used to sell almost everything you see
    these days💀🤖

  4. Shannon Looper says

    This is a year old. What's cool now?

  5. Samad Benzian says

    How much this receiver

  6. TheVordenX says

    The audio is very bad on this vid

  7. Edward Davies says

    I’ve bought the mecool android tv boxes which are the time the best you could buy. Just like any android tv box. They are absolute garbage. Never again will I buy these tv boxes. I’ve got a smart tv that runs android. Awful and it’s made by Samsung. Regret. Android should be phones only. Leave the rest of the market to better devices.

  8. Justin Best says

    Ive just put a tv in my garage with a ethernet output socket. I'd love to see a video about the best budget android box for 2020 because I'm thinking of getting something for my setup 👍🏻 how about it ASBYT? I only really listen to your opinion on here.

  9. Khalid Kobe Ikram says

    Hi great video, but can this device be ROOTED?

  10. Bogdan says

    Hi. Does Netflix work in 4k on this device? If not, what tv box should i use? I am intereseted only to see 4k on Netflix and youtube.

  11. Mark Rowley says

    Does this get updates

  12. kadi dibwa says

    Jesus christ… I didn't know such technology existed… Now this is a disruptor. I wonder what will happen to the future of gaming. Especially PlayStation

  13. slowcoach52 says

    It will not stream moves from the internet.

  14. Adit Hilman says

    Good reviews, but you speak too fast, please slow it down, because not all people understand technical matters

  15. Mark Horney says

    does anyone know if the PS4 Remote play will work with these devices considering sony has made their app compatible with most android compatible devices now.

  16. Kurgun dukas says

    when you are given something to advertise you will always say this is the best

  17. Rob Estey says

    Could you plse do a top 5 android boxes for 2020. Thank you

  18. Zainullah Khan says

    Xiaomi mi box s is the best cheap android tv as it is certified by Google with Chromecast built in this is uncertified so it is using Android and sideloaded mobile Google apps so won't work well with a remote

  19. انوسة says

    salut abonne vous ma chaine

  20. Knowbody says

    When are we going to see something with HDMI inputs?

  21. Banyamyan Yasharahlah says

    Does it come with built in Chromecast?

  22. Folklig Klan says

    How is it Hdmi is it in ypur abbonemng

  23. Mahdi Esmaeili says

    You ate my brain.f…k u.

  24. vijay kumar says

    Does it supports for normal tv

  25. fred reed says

    There are lots of Android streaming devices out that are not supported by live tv streaming services. You need to check the website of the live tv streaming service to see what devices are supported. If the device won't detect your location then its probably not a true Android box.

  26. Benigno Mendoza says

    widevine L1 for Netflix FHD & UHD?

  27. Dana Horton says

    page link not found

  28. WOODPECKER capenter says

    For how long they wouldn't charge you anything? or is this for free forever

  29. Susan Rodgers says

    How do you watch CBS without paying?

  30. Marcel Smit says

    to be honest, nothing about home networking 🙁

  31. Shahid Hussain says

    I want to but an android tv box so have been watching various reviews to get information, this video was lacking useful information in my opinion.

  32. Ronaldopopkings says

    Might be half the price of the Nvidia shield. But you will end up first buying this, realize it dont support stuff like 4k Netflix, Dolby Atmos and Vision. Then you buy the Nvidia shield instead. Maybe if it had proper Android TV OS and app support.

  33. Soozi Lerossignol says

    your beelink is broken

  34. John Holloway says

    Does the "Shadowbox" TV device really work?
    Can you actually get almost every TV program ever made FOR FREE??
    Is it any good at showing YouTube videos?
    Do you have to be a TV/computer wizard to set it up?
    Is it really only 99 dollars?
    It's called the "SHADOWBOX"

  35. Ami Kleinhaus says

    can it run whatsapp or whatsapp web?

  36. mik de petro says

    review of what ?????


    How do you get it to work with YouTube tv for the local channels? I've got all permissions on and it can't verify my location

  38. Jesse Tyrell says

    What's the best Android box now? Asking for a friend.

  39. theone says

    Does this box freezes a lot

  40. OliverProductions100 says

    how do you play game with joystick with Beelink GT-King

  41. Starain Ng says

    Hey,Guy Do you know how to use andorid box for video conference ?
    I tried Zoom and used a cam connect to my box.
    when i need to talk to the client i need to hold the voice command key from my 2.4G remote.
    I tested bluetooth headset/speaker is not working.Do you know how to use a box for video conference without holding/press the key from the remote?How andorid box can be voice input?Please share your opinion.Thanks

  42. Starain Ng says

    I brought this box to my friend few month ago.
    I'm already using R99 4G RAM TV Box.Its android 6.0 from 2018 and i installed a plenty of video app to the box.
    For the bootup time,It's better than GT-King.It's use R9-3399 Chips.

  43. Douglas Duda says

    Bluetooth devices eat a ton of power…also it can get finicky if your connecting multiple bluetooth devices to 1 system.

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