1. SRAN SPORTIFY18 says

    Wow….evn 10 years before they know the better editing that most of today's editors dont know. Claps man!

  2. ARYAVEER from ARYAVART says

    No players from subcontinent same.

  3. blah blah blah says

    this has to be the most boring game ever -_- looks like its for wimps who are to scared to play baseball. BASEBALL FTW

  4. Aayush Sinha says

    Awesome video!!

  5. chamila premaratne says

    @potenza999 all good teams hav there bad days and there r many examples that our worse than us if u want ill give u the proff! much worse has happened my friend! i dont think u have watched enough cricket to notice that. we (sri lanka) hav the highest score in one day cricket and sri lanka is the team who made ODI what it is today buy sending out attacking openers at the start in 95 ! i think u should talk about things that u know only without trying to b a Hippocratic

  6. potenza999 says

    @chamiladee the main reason for sri lanka not being in here must be because getting bowled out for 71 in about half and hour won't make many cricket highlight films…

  7. Hasnain S says

    the IPL part just ruins the video

  8. in3x says

    God cricket is awesome.

  9. Oscar Wood says

    @chamiladee Lol I'm just joking. The main reason for this is the fact that I don't have many good quality clips of Sri Lankan's. I recognize I haven't put an equal emphasis on each nation and will try to make sure I do in future videos 🙂

  10. chamila premaratne says

    @cabinet96vids guess u jst watch the ashes and what eva happens in the australian summer and dont really bother abt the rest ! typical ! no spinners from murali no hits by sanath ! it was sanath who changed the game thats what al these other immitators at the top of the order r following now ! and from my view no one has done it better ! no pulls from aravinda ? u gota b kidding me

  11. Oscar Wood says

    @chamiladee Guess your right.

  12. chamila premaratne says

    no sri lankans guess v dont play beautiful cricket

  13. Turj Mandal says

    @oopaulorafael personally i think the only solution is if all the Associate nations quits the ICC and form their own league where one qualifies my merit to play in the top tier, and the setting up of a truly professional sporting body like FIFA or even the Olympics.

  14. Turj Mandal says

    @oopaulorafael unfortunately that will never happen, the ICC is too power hungry and it is run by the elite countries who does not want anyone else in their exclusive club. How else can you explain a team like bangladesh playing test matches, and poor Namibia getting shafted down the divisions, to make room for USA.

  15. Turj Mandal says

    @oopaulorafael we're still a long long way from cricket being truly professional………the game is still run by a select group of countries who control the whole monopoly and who keep their doors closed to others.

  16. Oscar Wood says

    @oopaulorafael yeah sorry dude some of my other videos has footage from ODI's check them out

  17. mrscrickey says

    nice work man

  18. Oscar Wood says

    @CricDilan007 Lupe Fiasco – Solar Midnite

  19. CricDilan007 says

    wow. That was amazing bro. Your vids just keep getting better. Btw great effects and wat was the song cuz it rocks.

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