1. Jack Sugden says

    Dreadful title music 🎧 😳.

  2. Adam Withey says

    OMG! It’s 13 years ago. @EmilySWood @AlexOsborneTV

  3. DalekWindmill says

    Jonathan looks good for a man who was kept hidden for 2 decades & forced to bear children.

  4. going phone says

    so cool!

  5. Ryan says

    Welcome to BBC World News, Im Jonathan Charles, Kept hidden for 2 decades and forced to bare children.

  6. erkan şahin says

    only music?????????

  7. democrat3009 says

    Syria is a war place between East and west:
    East: China -Russia – Iran – hizballah
    West: USA – EU – Saudi arabia – Alqaeda -Turkey
    Result = 80000 civilian killed + 2000 syrien women raiped by Alqaeda and help of England. 900 child born from systematic raiping. same terrorist Alqaeda killed 3000 civilian in 9-11, today recieves guns from US+EU in syria. Where is a rationality and Dirty policy can not be answer.
    Our civilization in danger, none responsibile. freedom and security used as a excuse.

  8. Irene Yohanna says

    thanks for the video.. it really helps for my school work 🙂

  9. 幸せ牧場 CountryBredJedi says

    cool opening

  10. Yoma Sora says

    I use this to practice for english oral

  11. GothyRoxy says

    MONEY TREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At 0.04.

  12. NECHO II says

    B.B.C. WORLD NEWS – NO. 1

  13. plm123456123 says

    building a sentry.

  14. nextstep333 says

    I actually like it!

  15. vidmaker2009 says

    1:25 to 1:28 in a mainly … WHAT area ? 🙂

  16. kanga888 says

    your mother

  17. kanga888 says

    well your mum

  18. RyanBachoo says

    Haha Might be true …. they're a lot more unique and well … I didn't want to say it but professional.

  19. RyanBachoo says

    BBC is just awesome.

  20. NafeesLACC says

    BBC pwns the jokes that are CNN, Fox, NBC, ABC, MSNBC.

  21. Dan True says

    Got that right.

  22. trodaikid1983 says

    I will watch BBC more than the "big three" and CNN here in the States.

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