BBC News Reading Eye tracking Study


This short video illustrates eye-gaze tracking with the Mirametrix S1 Eye-tracker while reading the frontpage of the BBC News website and the reading of an article.

Eye-tracking has great potential as a tool in the evaluation of webpage design and layout. Knowing where a reader looks and doesn’t look provides excellent feedback on optimizing websites for ease of use, navigation, content and advert placement, and more.

Using the Mirametrix S1 Eye tracker to track gaze position and the Viewer application for gaze overlay and screen recording, it is possible to tell exactly where the user’s attention was at all times. See our website for more information on how we can help you improve your products:

The eye-gaze position is shown in red, the mouse position in green, left mouse clicks in blue and right mouse clicks in yellow. The size of the red circle is proportional to the duration of the fixation (stable point-of-gaze). Fixations are connected by a red line (saccades or quick jumps of the eyes).

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  1. Phuc Nguyen says

    great. How can I move the mouse settings eye on my website

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