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In this video, you will learn the five different types of violation to avoid in a basketball game.

Take a look at the next video to find out about traveling and how you can avoid it in your game.

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Violations lead to the ball being turned over to the other team. Learn about the Out of Bounds; the Double Dribble; Ball Carrying; the Over and Back; and Kicking so that you can avoid committing these violations when you play.

This program was created thanks to the support of Decathlon, Sikana’s partner for sports videos, along with the participation of the French Basketball Federation, an organisation which organises, runs and develops basketball in France

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Voiced by Xavier Gianni

  1. Stephen Graber says

    Remove the burden of remembering alternating possession. for Basketball Officials.

  2. Ennis Del Mar says

    my mates caught me with the double dribble, now imma get them with the ball carry

  3. lucca cerminaro says

    Alpha Gama Voice

  4. Owen Cyusa says

    thx that was great

  5. Enretta says

    When I’m playing with my friends they keep saying I’m double dribbling

  6. Hyper Shounen says

    Lil dicky teachin us Basketball….Sick.

  7. nolife says

    I don’t get the double dribble I’ve seen people stop hold the ball then dribble again even in the nba I think

  8. Jake Alagoa says

    Thank you

  9. Juice Up says

    Can kick ball only be called on Defense or can it be called on both sides

  10. itsKrissyboi says

    thank you for demonstrating this, now i dont have to get called out for double dribble when i play against my friends

  11. Jules DAVIS says

    Thank you now i know the violations in basketball

  12. 정연Twice for Lifeu says

    Is there no jumping violation when holding the ball but not passing nor shooting?

  13. lucca cerminaro says

    In double dribble can u put both hands on the ball and dribble at the same time?

  14. lucca cerminaro says

    I was asking myself what is over and back but now I understand

  15. Alea Toledo says

    what is lifting in basketball?

  16. JJTaylor says

    I thought it was called a backcourt violation

  17. Asad Nazim says

    Question …What if I (Offence) throws the ball at the defender's foot by purpose?Which team gets the possession?

  18. Newen Reyphel Manalo says

    What if you shot the ball then it gets air ball but you still pick it up is that a double violation?

  19. Sean ! says

    I hate double dribble

  20. ira allen says

    Very often in the NBA, I see one player receive a pass from his teammate. Instead of catching the pass cleanly, very often, the pass makes contact with the recipient’s hand, but the recipient drops the ball. Then, the recipient will gather the ball and THEN start dribbling. I see this as a double dribble, but it’s rarely called today. What is rule these days? The ball is going from the player’s hand to the floor, but is that considered a “dribble?”

  21. samaria benavidez says

    Um… Fouls?????

  22. sulls bulls says

    You know the box on the floor by the basketball hoop, one time I was violated for standing in it too long is that acceptable?

  23. Uchicha Ming says

    Omg I have the habit of 3th foul

  24. J_respect says

    Please give more info about post defense something like that because I want to know what legal on defending the acceptor of the ball because when I play with my friend and when I want to run or find good spots they always hold my clothes/(some part of my body) and when I'm dribbling their body pushes my body and thanks if you respond

  25. RedbrickOne20 says

    So I got a question…if i have the ball and I got 2 hands on the ball and say i take like 2 steps and then dribble, would that be a violation?

  26. Victr Silva says

    wouldn't a pump fake be considered a double dribble?

  27. Mister Christopher says

    I thought it was called a backcourt foul?

  28. Ycart AC says

    Thanks for this. It's really helpful. Even though Im a girl.

  29. WatchRonan says

    sub to my channel

  30. WatchRonan says

    sub to my channel

  31. Ashok Kumar says

    what if the player by mistakenly hits ball on his own leg is it considered foul?

  32. Angell Mcintyre says

    Its callex travel and backcourt violation

  33. Ethan's yang says

    For the double dribble, does it count if you’re dribbling, then stop to try to do a shot fake, and then take 2 steps?

  34. Sula McCaskie says

    I always see basketballers double dribble and no foul is ever called.

  35. Emerald says

    I dont know why I have the habit to dribble then stop and dribble again ffs I really need to get rid of that

  36. cam says

    wow.. this is great.

  37. Shawn Seeley says

    I carry all the time in pickup games 😂😫

  38. Proctor S says

    What league rules are these? Its complete bullshit that you can only take 2 steps when receiving the ball while jumping

  39. Hezham Kian Mangohig says

    Question.. Can you get a carry dribble when you do the “wrap around” dribble and your hand is below at the ball..?

  40. Jones Aditya Wijaya says

    what if the opponent accidentally throw the ball at the defender when he can't dribble anymore?

  41. Cyclone FC says

    i used to saw the third violation in nba and other match but they didn't take a fault, so i was confuse

  42. Gemma Perez says

    I cant understand the 4th violation

  43. Mitch Lay says

    Sikana English. For the ball to be considered to be in the front court there must be 2 feet + the ball in the front court. Not just the ball passing the line

  44. destroyer says

    1:16 isn’t it “backcourt” ?

  45. Jay S says

    i have a question… is it any kind of violation if you stop the ball from going out of bounds and throw it inside but you step out of bounds afterwards without the ball and than go back inside and retrieve the ball yourself?

  46. viju john says

    is smacking the ball out of opponent's hand without any body touch considerd a foul or violation

  47. Austin p.b says

    What if the ball bounces out from foot of defensive player accidentally? Who gets the ball ??

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