1. JapaneseDyno says

    wow CRAZY!

  2. showcasezf says

    sammy.. buddy.. whats with the gay stuff.. I am not gay, so quit tryin to pick me up.. your not my type.. ha ha ha ha.. I gotta woman.. lol

  3. Leo T says

    nice job man… it was already awesome,
    than you did it with TWO balls!!
    nice job man

  4. showcasezf says

    thanks yo!

  5. showcasezf says

    ha ha..what do you mean young one?

  6. Andrzej Adamczyk says

    don't get cocky

  7. showcasezf says

    thanks yo!

  8. weedwacker8 says

    woah man niceeeeeeh

  9. Laimonas Salimovas says


  10. showcasezf says

    ayyy thanks yo

  11. andrew garcía says

    you are awesome man

  12. showcasezf says


  13. 5k4te says


  14. showcasezf says

    ha ha, hmm have not heard of him. Does he have any vids on here?

  15. Mark W says

    Thats pro dude, keep goin. and ull be the best

  16. showcasezf says

    thanks yo

  17. 0_creativity says

    guys pretty cute haha buh he skilled ahah

  18. showcasezf says

    ok i will.. I can do that.. good job man, just spin it, and go behind your back and switch hands.. looke at my other videos..but great, keep it up!

  19. simon guillemette says

    i think your very good!

  20. showcasezf says

    yeah that is me, whats up yo?

  21. azndude1999 says

    that's awesome

  22. showcasezf says

    yeah i live in KC, whats up?

  23. THE MPGLOL says

    I know you! Your from KC right?

  24. eric tran says

    wa nice

  25. showcasezf says

    Thanks, I will be puttin more video on in a min, hopefully!

  26. showcasezf says

    thanks yo

  27. showcasezf says

    LOL..thats funny.. he did sound stupid.. that was actually a kid i mentor..and he was Black, but he did sound crazy!

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