Basketball Tragedy | Here’s What Really Happened to Kobe Bryant’s Helicopter [New Audio]


Find out why the Helicopter carrying professional basketball player Kobe Bryant and eight more people crashed in the city of Calabasas, California, around 30 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles.

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This video has been recorded and edited in 4K resolution and 60FPS.

  1. TheFlightChannel says

    I felt like such an important accident deserved a remake, so here’s “The Disaster of N72EX” remastered with new audio, better information, and more accurate animations. Also, I would like to express my deepest condolences to the families of those who have lost their loved ones on board the helicopter. 😢

  2. Charlton Gio Prepeña says

    Clearly a spacial disorientation. He's unaware in material reading.

  3. xtian xtian says

    The saddest part of this story is no one survived.

  4. VS Jone says

    The Flight Channel why are you not Reveal your Face??.

  5. Sami Khairan Rafa Putra Darmawan says

    TheFlightChannel are you really love the Prepar3D than X-Plane 11? Cause your Prepar3D video is too much than your X Plane 11 video's.

  6. Masaki Vlogs says

    Always enjoy watching this 👏

  7. Valerie Marrs says

    OMG…. I thought the cause was CFIT. Now I think it was Pilot Error. He should have asked Kobe if he wanted to go back to Vani Nuys and wait for fog to lift or Go back home and drive.

    The pilot should’ve done a 180 and got the heck out of there instead of continuing on into deteriorating conditions that resulted in him going completely IFR.

    He got completely disoriented and lost control of the helicopter. So damn sorry this happened. So many lives lost. My condolences 😢

  8. Jonathan olap says

    tell me a Pilot can't tell he's descending at 4000ft/ minute rather thinks he's climbing even in poor visibility, somethings odd

  9. Steve Jameison says

    “The time is fulfilled,” He said, “and the kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe in the gospel!” – Mark 1:15

  10. roxxylala26 says

    I honestly feel Ara the pilot along with obviously being disoriented, was being distracted by something i.e. his iPad or a cell phone call. You can't convince me a pilot & instructor of two decades of flying all of a sudden forgets to look right in front of him at his altitude indicator while flying blindly in fog & clouds. That's beyond neligence bordering malicious intent. Just saying.

  11. Omar the Atheist Aziz says

    can you make these videos using Flight Simulator 2020?

  12. K. PacificNW says

    What stuck with me: It said the drive would have taken 2 hours. So they took the chopper because that made the flight 20 min. But the 20 min doesn't include the time driving to the airport, parking, going thru the checkpoints, waiting for the chopper, spooling up, getting ready, and then doing that all in reverse at the other end, to include driving to the venue. Except for the part that riding in a helicopter is super fun, if I were making the trip I'd hire a super cushy van and driver and take a nap or watch a movie something. Door to door.

  13. Alejandro Godoy says

    "2" Mistakes; a Pilot who couldn't say NO!!! and "remember" Kennedy Jr? … DISORIENTED in Low Vis!!!

  14. K adams says

    So basically this flight should have never left the ground based on the LA police dept grounding all their helicopters!!!! You can't tell me a helicopter pilot does not have this knowledge in pre- flight weather conditions!!!! Flying visual in those conditions is just ridiculous!!!! Pilot had the opportunity to abort and return, he didnt!!!!!

  15. Atharva Shukla says

    Sir from where do you get the full information?

  16. Keagan Connell says



    Guys YouTube bug is fixed we can like videos

  18. California Dreaming says

    I’m not a huge fan of helicopters. Most planes, even if losing their engines, can still glide giving the pilot a chance at landing with limited fatalities. A helicopter obviously doesn’t have the same protections. (There are some car-plane-helicopter prototypes that look interesting, one from Terrafugia. It would be the best of all worlds as you could take off from nearly anywhere — like a helicopter — fly quickly and safely — like a plane — then land like either a plane or helicopter. Plus, I believe there are parachute options on some of the hybrids that will eventually release.)

  19. Theresa Singh says

    I'm crying already

  20. Kernica1 says

    black boxes need to be required in helicopters too; goodness gracious

  21. Herald says

    I'm very sad to hear the news when i heard it for the first time. Monday, January 27th, when I woke up and I move to my mom's room, my dad told me a news that Bryant has passed. I'm speechless. RIP. Gone but not forgotten

  22. Miriam Samaniego says

    “Celebrity status” should never outweigh safety. Flying in thick fog is just stupid. If the police grounded their choppers, it’s probably a good idea to follow suit. I’m sure Kobe is paying the price now. Sad for all the others on board and the “favorite” pilot. All that hooplah got them dead.

  23. WendyKS93 says

    For heavens sake when the police helicopters won't even fly let that tell you something but unfortunately the pilot put everyone's life in danger and in fact got them all killed and I'm certain it being that it was Kobe and his daughter and friends was a huge factor in the pilots decision to fly when he knew better. It would seem from the investigation so far that the pilot did indeed get disoriented and couldn't or didn't realize he was descending instead of climbing. Also if you are going to be flying passengers on those helios there should be a requirement that there be a Flight Data Recorder and Cockpit Voice Recorder on board. This was totally preventable.

  24. BandfromtheBand says

    "John Wayne" Airport! That's pretty sick! John Wayne was an ass!!!

  25. Elvis Randolph says

    A friend of mine that was a pilot said that he always had a "nut" that hung by a string to his right side as to keep him aware of his attitude at all times.

  26. deeds millar says

    Its hard to function when the only reason you're under pressure is the social status of the passengers. That thing is basically a civilian Blackhawk, Imagine all those dudes in Vietnam with basically the first generation of turbine helicopters with no modern nav in unfamiliar territory getting shotup day in and day out. Hats off to those guys. It would probably be good if the pilots didn't even know who was in the back, just fly .

  27. deeds millar says

    That guy knew he was in trouble long before impact.

  28. Erik J says

    Amateur flying a chopper. As simple as that.

  29. Burnt Chicken says

    Me and my freind were playing fortnite togarther right and when he told me that kobe died my heart dropped and i strated tearing (he was my idol in basketball) i thought in my mind that know way this is real, people are trolling then every single youtube recomendation that i got was about kobe, i also thought that it was one of those fake celebrity death things but it sadley wasnt. Out of all the people in the world it was kobe. R.I.P to kobe, gigi and all the 8 passenges 😥😥😞😞

  30. Giovanni Morrisone says

    Hubris bites yet another arse (and others) … One of the oldest stories in general aviation: controlled flight in to terrain. Sad about the deaths of the poor innocent bastards who chose to fly with Mr Hubris Bryant on that day.

  31. JC ART says

    believe me, it sounds like suicide, forgetting altitude and speed for a pilot, it's like Kobe forgets to shoot

  32. Kurt B says

    It's a minor detail but the planes in the background are taking off to the East.

    Not the West as usual.

  33. Andrew Landen says

    I thought that there were two pilots.

  34. roxxylala26 says

    Again great recreation but let the viewers know the actual helicopter WAS NOT wrapped in all black with the Mamba logo on it. RIP to all on board. 🕊️🕊️🕊️

  35. Randy DiCotti says

    And all your money can't another minute buy….dust in the wind….all we are is dust in the wind

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