BASKETBALL SKATEBOARD SLAM DUNK ON SKATE 3 (Skate 3 Glitches Skate 3 Stunts & Skate 3 Funny Moments)


BASKETBALL SKATEBOARD SLAM DUNK ON SKATE 3 (Skate 3 Glitches Skate 3 Stunts & Skate 3 Funny Moments)

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  1. Márcio Paglioni says

    more skate 3 pls this is just gold

  2. Twisted GamerOX says

    I seen him playing today to

  3. Amanda Ellis says

    hes back!!!!!

  4. xstutz says


  5. x__hallaz__x says

    The king has…..returned

  6. kaydyn burke says

    Bro so glad ur back you are the fuckin best

  7. Folkscorpion says


  8. Conner Dailey says

    Dude perfect sk8 3 edition

  9. Leathon Jeftha says

    Oof, there's more "oOh, I MiSs YoU" and "hE wAs WaY bEtTeR aT 2013!" comments than appreciating the actual video lol.

  10. RedCorn says

    I was a squeaker when you were beating Donald now I’m an adult and still laugh my ass off at your vids, I watched an old one today where you said what if I put a kiwi in my butthole and squeezed as Mickey and I was fucking dying😂😂😂

  11. Blue Manta says

    Rn I just wanna see that fortnite video with those 2 kids coming up with pathetic yet hilarious insults

    And before you ask no I don't like fortnite

  12. Syndicated Kiddo says

    Oh. Y shit you actually posted

  13. steven games says


  14. steven games says

    I feel bad for ya duck I I remember watching ya vids wall growing up

  15. Facehunter2003 says


  16. Boston Mafia says

    The duck is due for a beating

  17. ndri nelly Riz says

    Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  18. LonelyCringe223 says

    Can u post a video of u playing and trolling on Cold War ???? Multiplayer and zombies will be a good video idea 🙂

  19. Two_Cargo says

    Play block ops 3 again

  20. JaccOnCracc says

    Only real OGs remember – Ayyy lmao

  21. [FNI]Quackhead says


  22. WornX8 ALBERT says

    I miss the old duck voice

  23. Elijah Echezarreta says

    Duck voice I’m so happy your back. We missed you

  24. officialMX says


  25. Ryan The Great says

    I miss these 🙁

  26. ur second best friend says

    We need duck abuse!

  27. Decept_ion says

    yes, this is nice.

  28. MARKO SERAFIN says

    You should try the laserflip handplant

  29. Blynke says

    YOOO IN 2020?! 👀👀👀👀👀👀

  30. Michael Hicks says

    im like 300

  31. Its YourFam says

    You should not smoke

  32. : says

    i love your videos quack head

  33. Bebe_Gizmoh says

    ily so much why you stop making vids

  34. Its YourFam says


  35. king brookins says

    Your a god duck voice

  36. Dylan Burton says

    How come you had to change the same music from 4:24 recently in an older video?

  37. Derek Johnson says


  38. Gabriel the G.o.a.t says

    What is the song called in 4:54

  39. Daniel Rojas-Rosas says

    Do ya remember when he did the montage on the montine in ultra mega park I love your vids even when I was like 8 glad your back on skate 3

  40. dark neck says

    Dear duck voice do you have instagram Bc Iv been watching you for years I’m talking YEARS and I love you sm your videos make my day thank you 🙏

  41. gameclaimer 274 says

    world went cold when you stopped uploading

  42. raccoon 07 says

    I'm glad your coming back I was so young when I watched you love you

  43. Joey McCord says

    Is he back???? Like fully???? Like upload frequently fully????

  44. sOs_Bartholomew says

    the comeback I've been waiting for

  45. Seff McBizzle says

    Hey duck, I remember watching you back in 2012-2013-ish. I just want to say that you haven't changed a bit. You've moved up but you haven't changed and that's amazing. I wish people would realize how much of an inspiring and entertaining creator you can be. Much love, you made my childhood golden.

  46. Nep Nep says

    oh old time

  47. Jammin Speedz says

    Here before 1,000?

  48. Sluggie says

    just like the old times,good to see u back brotha

  49. Jammin Speedz says


  50. TheDon0224 4 says

    Bro COME BACK!

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