1. ALHEZARS 85 says

    Vary goooooooooooood

  2. iSpaZee says

    holy shit haven't seen this shit since i quit basketball #memories

  3. jeff vachon says


  4. Sil de Lange says

    who made that insane dunk @0:32

  5. ReactShadow says

    This is a really good mix..but it's sad about the quallity :/ Maybe you can ask your friend for rendering it in a better way, like HD?

  6. lassi lahtiluoma says


  7. 許馨 says

    I like the music a lot!!!

  8. anton kleinschmidt says

    the best video ever

  9. Nathan Foley says

    Hey, if you guys like music videos and basketball, check out my channel. I made a music video for my school's varsity team using a song called My House by Mic Nice. Check it out and show some love!

  10. TheAllStarVideos says

    nice quality

  11. Gokul Ajith says

    Vince Carter is friggin EPIC!!

  12. londonas2 says

    lol a music mix is supposed to have more tha one song lol have that in mind

  13. 2100sheep says

    Fort Minor- Remember the name

  14. Giselle Torres says

    who sings this song?!?!!?!?

  15. ThatWolfKing says

    Perfect season TZ !!! 28-0 !!! F*** Harborfields, LI Lutheran, & Iona Prep !!! Btw Jamesville DeWitt = EAT SHiT

  16. PretentiousPainters says

    Love the Slams but the tricky ass assists are pretty sick too.

  17. PretentiousPainters says

    FUCK YEHHHH!!!!!

  18. Mat Johns says

    what a good videp a bunch of joks running after a ball so cool[:

  19. Mat Johns says

    good song

  20. MAURICE675 says

    @Jass27O6 no problem 🙂

  21. Jassafrass says

    @MAURICE675 Thank you , I was also wondering what was the name of the song 🙂

  22. Simon Schilz says

    i liiiiike 🙂

  23. MaiqTheLiar says

    Fort Minor – Remember the name

  24. Jacob Stinson says

    how did you keep your song on there. I used that song and got it taken down in 2 days.

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