BALDI'S BASICS: THE MUSICAL [by Random Encounters]


Baldi’s about to teach us a lesson we won’t forget. No singing in the halls!



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A mysterious package
arrived at my door.
Inside was a game
I’d never heard of before.

It looked pretty dated,
but since it was free,
I booted up my ancient
Hewlett Packard PC.

I put in the disc…
It started to run…
Then braced myself
for educational fun!

WeLcOmE tO BaLdI’S BaSicS
iN eDucAtiON aNd LeArNinG!
All I need is seven notebooks
To break out of this game.

Trapped inside of Baldi’s Basics,
And Baldi’s pretty unnerving…
i HeaR eVeRY dOoR yOU oPeN!
I dared not doubt his claim…

I found the next notebook,
on a desk before long.
“I gEt mORe AnGRy
eAcH tIMe yOu aNSwEr wRoNG.”

The numbers were jumbled,
indiscernibly math…
I knew from the smacking
I’d incurred Baldi’s wrath!

Out in the hall,
I heard a loud crack…
Baldi was there,
and he was on the attack!

Can’t escape from Baldi’s Basics!
I can’t get past It’s a Bully-
GoNnA tAkE a PiEcE oF yOuR cAnDy!
Now I’m as good as dead!
Let me out of Baldi’s Basics,
for love of all that is holy!
Should’ve lit this game on fire
and gone right back to bed!

I aM cOmInG! I sEe YoU!
What the fudge does this thing do?
It closed in fast and cornered me-
I’Ll hUg YoU fOr eTeRniTy!

A student named Play Time
appeared in my way.
She pulled our her jump rope
and said “LeT’S pLaY!”

I tried to escape,
but Baldi burst through the door…
…so I began skipping rope
as I had never before!

Oops! You messed up!

Oops! You messed up!

Aw, that makes me sad…

It’S sWeEpIn’ TiMe!!!

I ran like the wind,
and heard the Principal call
as I dashed through the doorway,
“No running in the halls.”

His finger was pointed,
his expression quite stern.
“Detention for you,” he said.
“When will you learn…”

The timer ticked down…
The smacking drew near…
Two seconds more
before Baldi’d be here-!

Out of time in Baldi’s Basics,
And Baldi’s one step behind me!
Only missing one more notebook,
But Sweeping Time appeared!…

No way out of Baldi’s Basics,
And Baldi’s certain to find me!
Can’t escape or use the soda,
And there ain’t no notebook here!


  1. Dragon Gaming says

    This MV is so old

  2. Shrepy And Friends says

    Windows 95In Education And Learning!

  3. lσνєlу ѕυѕαи says

    I cant belive its already been 2 years!!! :"D im crying lel i luv diz game

  4. Ashmi Dhar says

    Love this song

  5. 餅餅桜餅 says


  6. James Emirzian Waldementer says

    The best teacher supporters in the world.

  7. Kania putri says

    This is game in dangerous

  8. Eleni P says

    idk why im back here after 2 years but n i c e

  9. eмy '-' says

    It's been two years…

  10. Amy Kibler says

    Hey-J AJ!

  11. iiSunflowerRaegan ! says

    “eSpAcIAlLy mY fRiEnD pAtRiCa”

  12. Niclas Jørgensen says

    152 mil veiws wow

  13. Minecraft Girl says


  14. Mietek says

    153 MLN VIEWS? XD

  15. Jona Pi says


  16. Raphael Chauvette says

    the game is:you must collect all 7 notebooks to help your friend,this song:collect all 7 notebooks to break out of this game

  17. Jérémie Vilain says

    I love ♥ ️ this song I can't stop listening to it ?? thank you for having translated it into French ?? in the subtitle I'm trying to learn English ?? with this song

  18. Danfeya Chan says

    Whos remembering this!??‍♀️?

  19. Vuk Pralica says

    Oh god,I remember thisXD

  20. Sanjani Chopra says

    Hi am

  21. Carina Wanganeen says

    I have watched alll of your videos and it’s really good

  22. levy Vanderlei says

    When the baldi is in the hall and I don't want to jump rope, I 2:03

  23. Amii Williams says

    I like how every episode has Me Beard in it.This is why I subscribed to this YouTube channel

  24. Pascual Jimenez says

    The part that the bully said gonna take a pecie of your candy i thought he said can i take a peice of your candy

  25. Minecraft Çılgını says


  26. Eyad Hendam says

    Baldi ?????? baldiiii ????? baldiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  27. Rafael Willians says

    Jente ele fala em portugues nao engles

  28. Herbert Domingo says

    RE baldis school

  29. You gotta put some clothes says

    He has the Same switch joycons a me

  30. king rei says

    Baldis on portuguese baldi its a bucket

  31. Mashrika Mahir says

    Wow Baldi' Basics Wow Oo Sa

  32. HLT gamezz says

    My favourite part was most definitely 3:30

  33. Ashely Pop :3 says

  34. Neyser Arrasco says

    Elnaranja es feo

  35. Caifle says

    Loved it

  36. Caifle says


  37. Audrey OToole says

    Story: in my art school for the summer I love the game. So I found this and at the end of the day me and my classmates would pretend to be the characters it was so funny. Good times

  38. ElmerLeong says

    Thats a good song … Bravo !

  39. Rina Aryani says


  40. Sonic Bodo says

    This is the best musicical YouTube channel

  41. Peter Connelly says

    say abc if you like sock

  42. Peter Connelly says

    what the fuge doese this do

  43. Peter Connelly says

    I thouht princeable said no bulleyinng in the hall

  44. •Itz_pastel Fox• says

    I love how baldi cares more about wrong math than a bully xD

  45. Capitalist77 says

    How did you make the first prize voice?

  46. Aries Cruz says

    Esta padre el vídeo

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