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Baking donuts is not only way easier, and way less messy than frying them, but for some varieties, like these incredibly delicious apple cider donuts, the results come out even better. Enjoy!

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  1. Leander T says

    If you don't like cardamom…..swap it for a tiny extra bit of cinnamon or a tiny bit of ginger. If you don't like nutmeg….swap it for a tiny bit of allspice. 🙂

  2. That's Mr Loris says

    Tomar brought me here

  3. Victoria4691 says

    Had the donut pan, just missing the apple cider…mmmm

  4. vargas says

    I wonder what this tastes like with hard apple cider?

  5. krassos says

    Mighta shoulda used the tappa-tappa rather than the poka-poka.

  6. Kevin Dudlers says

    🍩🍩🍩 So enjoying me some donuts I saved in my fridge, after this video. Gonna heat em up put some Delta Parole and AFI rock music on while they be bake so they crisp, music and donut so good.

  7. Dylan Skutnik says

    milk preferably from a cow- best anti joke joke ever

  8. Jcewazhere says

    Instead of punching out those centers you should fill them with something. Maybe a nice apple cinnamon compote?

  9. Char Bandraoi says

    My husband and I watch all your videos. We love your sense of humor & recipes! Thanks so much for sharing these lovely recipes. We have learned so much from you. 🙂 Cheers from Canada New Brunswick!

  10. Christine Barilka says

    This is really great I’m so glad I found this!!! Your brilliant!!

  11. Sarah A says

    You can 100% veganize this recipe perfectly with the same amount of oat milk or soy milk + same amount of margerine / vegan butter; two teaspoons of soy flour (mixed with water) instead of the the egg or alternatively half a cup of apple sauce. It tastes even better if you substitute some of the normal flour with almond meal and the white/brown sugar with coconut sugar! 🤗I haven't tried it, but an apple cider vinegar + maple glaze could be epic on it too.

  12. ka says

    Chef John is a saint. He's hilarious and his voice is so soothing, I could watch his videos forever.

  13. Jason Raber says

    Were even better a day later

  14. Mary Beth Leib says

    Chef John’s got game!

  15. Gary Miller says

    Dont punch out the centers, fill them up with a pudding, whipped cream or sumpin delicious. You are after all the Phyllis Diller of how to choose your socks.

  16. Gary Miller says

    You are after all the Cpt Marvel of how to change a flat tire.

  17. Lillith says

    Pls stop, I've already spent all my money on ingredients for 3 other recipes of yours.

  18. Mohamed Ahmed says

    Chef john, can you do Alexandrian beef liver

  19. Pamplemousse Mirabelle says

    J ai pas envie

  20. Sailor Arwen says

    I beg to differ. Apple cider and apple juice are definitely not the same thing.

  21. Ambrose Leahy says

    CHEF JOHN!! Will you make pasta all'assassina? Thanks for all of your videos!

  22. Captain Teeko says

    My cousin gifted me a takoyaki pan for my bday…. I may or may not try making these but as donut holes in it 😂

  23. Kimmmblor says

    …but I just made donuts on Sunday and now this means I have to do it again already…😔

  24. Oregon Patriot says

    Hey Chef John. I've got a couple serious questions for you.
    Your style of talking on videos is unique. (I'm referring to the tone change at the end of sentences)
    Looking back on some of your earlier videos you didn't do this. My questions are…
    Is this something you did to make yourself stand out, and do you talk like this all the time or just in your videos?
    Thanks a bunch for all you do. My cooking has improved because of you!

  25. TB1M1 says

    You cannn't bake donuts. Thats just a cross between bread and muffin.

  26. Oliver Kuster says

    Would be nice to have this as a vegan recipe

  27. Ali Smith says

    Definitely going to try these. But here in Australia most cider has booze in it

  28. Panta Rhei says

    These donuts are featherin it, brother.

  29. Lane's BBQ Australia says

    This is epic, Chef John. I want to eat them

  30. Here Comes The money says

    Why, does this guy TÁLK like that?.

  31. Hollow Roads says

    Like so many, I bought some donut pans just to make this recipe. I’m a pretty solid amateur baker but man, this dough just stuck so badly to brand new nonstick buttered donut pans. This is the first time I have ever followed one of chef John’s recipes and ended up cursing like a sailor shaking my fist into the sky reevaluating the path of my life

  32. Mary Sanchez says

    Long, long ago, I was the "fancy" finisher at a Mister Donut. Those are the people who decorate and fill them, after a guy bakes or fries them. And I want to say, Chef, that even with the hole still filled in, it's still a donut, whether fried or yeast-raised. Another alternative to punching out the yummy hole would have been to think it's serendipitous, and spoon a little apple filling into the center, before or after icing it with apple cider icing, rather than punching out the hole. It would be a fancy, with an extra bite to eat or dunk! (and you can charge more for fancies, even personalize them for the cops who came in at night for free donuts and coffee). Cream and jelly filled donuts are still donuts, as are fancies, which are open-faced and filled on top, rather than the filling injected on the inside. If I made these, I'd overfill the tray just like you, but put apple filling in the center, after tossing them in cinnamon sugar, or dribbling apple cider icing over them. They'd all be tempting.

  33. Lee says

    mutant muffin? best one liner yet

  34. Lightning Strike Lures says

    A doughnut with no hole….is a danish.

  35. misserrricka says

    I'm always craving donuts idk whats wrong with me

  36. Gordon Carpenter says

    Fill up with an apple pie filling topped off with vanilla ice cream 🍨

  37. Azrael Blick says

    Videos like this make me so sad I have adult onset diabetes.

  38. Walkthrough says

    The way you speak and intonation would give anyone brain damage over time….Its so confused, like you're reading off post it notes half written. Wow…

  39. JARinAZ F says

    Made a batch of these yesterday – delicious!. I thought they would be "cakey" donuts and fall apart easy but the texture was firm and chewy. The longest step is reducing the cider. Also, when I made it, the batter yielded a bakers dozen with my sized donut pans. Thank you Chef John!!!

  40. Dalion Heart says

    I wonder what it would do to the end result to also through in some small diced apple bits too. Too much?

  41. Aarkenth says

    Would this work in just a loaf pan, as some baked apple cider bread?

  42. Heather Clarke says

    Thank you John for this, I’m going to try these today, I’ll let you know how I get on, just a shame I can’t send pictures of them, love waiting you xxxxx

  43. The Notcast says


  44. Jordan says

    Maybe not poke the hole and fill it with some pumpkin cream icing… nice vid 😀

  45. anominon says

    "if there's no hole it's not a doughnut"
    Jam doughnuts: "Am I a joke to you?"

  46. Dracologist says

    actually the closed holes could be an excellent holder for a spoon full of custard or jam

  47. Add E says

    Since donut pans aren't a purchase I can currently justify, would this recipe muffin?

  48. Doug Starwalt says

    Superb flavor and caramelized nicely but mine were not cake yellow inside. They rose nicely then collapsed.
    No one here really cared though. 🙂

  49. Diane H says

    Too sweet. Will make again and cut back on the sugar

  50. Scott Hall says

    Freshly ground nutmeg > ground stuff. Reminds me of a time where a famous tv chef said “I guess you could stir the stir fry” (instead of pan flipping)…

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