1. Jordan Phillips says

    When is the app of this game coming on Google Play?

  2. LightSkin Mufasa says

    This one coming out on mobile 2?

  3. ACTxLOVER says

    Dollar do you think you could ask Danny about separate player equipment?
    Like not all players wearing the same things . Ex: Cam Newton’s visor & wristbands should only be on cam . Not the whole team wearing visors & wristbands . It should be individual. For more football accuracy . Thanks ! I’m purchasing day 1 !
    P.s (could you also make a mention about every player wearing gloves, I know it’s minor & nitpicky but I just can’t imagine aaron Rodgers with gloves 😂)

  4. jamal woods says

    Release date, or ya'll just bull shiting?

  5. Bizzy Gamer says

    Where do get this game from

  6. Andy Smith says

    Was really hoping for multiple team franchise mode but I'll live, not really all that amped for tiered mode either but I love these guys and they care so much about us fans and the game of football on the PC you can't help but root for them.

    I'm still playing last years game and will no doubt buy this years game, the only question is if I'll finally pony up for a current gen console to buy the console version too.

  7. Primus Blitz’ Old Channel says

    When is this game coming out?

  8. putteminthegame says

    Gameplay will b da determinin factor 4 me.

  9. True bengals fan says

    Shouldn't your player be playing for the Coyote's now?

  10. True bengals fan says

    Im axis game biggest fan

  11. showtime1285 says

    No release date for console yet?

  12. randomhuman19 says

    can someone link where you get and how you install real logos and uniforms. Also, are there historic real-life rosters?

  13. Allen Pinckney says

    I'll definitely buy this over Madden any day.

  14. Husker FBN says

    Great video as always! Can you do like a Nebraska vs Arkansas State Collegiate mod please? Keep up the great work.

  15. batmanmotherfucker says


  16. Joey Jojo says

    Thank you for sharing franchise information. I like that they show attributes as letter grades. I also like that it’s tier levels like in Backbreaker. That was the only reason why I played the game because of the tier levels. I’m good with this game not following the NFL format;for me this will increase the games longevity. Would you be able to do another video explaining the attributes, this is for us who never played this game before?

  17. Zach the Sports Guy says

    I like the teir system but I want it just to be optional

  18. Michael Meredith says

    So in essence it's like the English premier football (soccer) league with regulation and de-regulation of teams within tiers? …is there an option to turn this off if a player doesn't want that? It sounds interesting to me and adds another level of pressure/excitement, but I can envision some players not wanting that.

  19. Michael Meredith says

    dollar, please say that they looked at league talent over time with franchise? – it is so often overlooked with football titles in the past and breaks the integrity of the league if the overall player talent isn't held in check/balanced.

  20. K Majik says

    I really hope this is the football game that will eventually put Madden to bed. I know they are not there yet, but I will purchase this game over Madden and not regret that choice.

  21. Coal Troll says

    Absolutely love the progression Axis football is making from year to year on their games!

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