Attolle Collections | Africa Fashion Week, New York 2012



Location :
Broad Street Ballroom
41 Broad Street
New York, NY 10004

Day.01 — Runway Show/ Trunk Show — Thursday July 12
Day.02 — Runway Show/ Trunk Show — Friday July 13
Day.03 — Runway Show/ Trunk Show — Saturday July 14

Vision: Break through the New York fashion noise allow diverse and upcoming designers to voice themselves through creative forums.

Mission: Raise awareness and market diverse fashion professional’s talents and skills.

About Africa Fashion Week: Over 2,000+ audience members attend a luxury multi-day event which included runway shows, vendor exhibition,and industry networking events with the sole purpose of raising awareness of the African Fashion/Entertainment professionals. More specifically, buyers and industry influencers will be previewed to African designers. Produced by Adirée: See

  1. Arnow ROSEY says

    ridiculous…do ur fashion week in africa

  2. Lisa Nelson says

    lovely dresses

  3. Jessica Mosan says


  4. Gerson Geingob says

    carsonWhere in Namibia can I buy the Nigerian native outfits

  5. adjanic says

    I just love the music.

  6. Benita Andrade says

    No wigs please

  7. Godness Aiesha says


  8. sylvia ataro says

    Your collection is so gorgeous

  9. ChynadahlMalandie W says

    Think that was iris at end…

  10. Revelation1:15 says


  11. Pagne Emoi says


  12. PerformingArtistsTV says

    Like all of the designs. Good job!

  13. Juliet Kyungu says

    That cute

  14. Ebony Rodriguez says

    That was beautiful

  15. itoanke says

    Great work my love

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