ASMR:Delicious*Indian food* eating (Biriyani rice,paanipuri,butterchicken) *Eating sounds*


HI guys indian food today.
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  1. desi 739 says

    Hey I love ure vedios… Pls pin my comment plsssssssss I have like nd subscribe

  2. ZM GAMING says


  3. Aman Seth says

    Can you eat me.

  4. Kwt Kwt says


  5. subhra kanti Goswami says

    কোনো মেয়ে যে এত খেতে পারে.. জানা ছিলো না 🤔

  6. Thd ASMR says

    Wow! Amazing! I'm so hungry right now🙈

  7. Rabi Das says

    Do you cook your food or your mother

  8. Kalai Vani says

    I love all the food you eat OMG I'm very hungry now😭

  9. Ifra C says

    Noise disturbing. Background lowpitch noise

  10. Rayapu Venugopal says


  11. Naheed Sayeed says

    Etna Khana Mai ketna kharach ho jata Hoga na

  12. Sabrin Joly says

    WHAT is your Language?My is hindi and bengali

  13. Ritu Raaj says

    You didn't eat your food completely 🤪🤪🤪

  14. Ansu kumari says

    Itna khana aakhir jaata kha hai?

  15. Joyeeta Das says

    I am speechless 😭 now after watching this. You always eat the best food items which are wanted by all of us.

  16. Sarvez Khan says

    Your favourite food biryani

  17. Misbah Begum Patangwala says

    where are u from

  18. Tina Moni says

    Face reveal plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzxzzxxxzxxxx

  19. Pinky Neil says

    After eating this is ur health good

  20. Keerthi Mallamari says

    mam big fan of u i love u r way of eating mouth watering

  21. wr3d gaming says

    tu narak ma hi jayegi

  22. Pihu Gupta says

    I am indian I love to see that you are today earing indian food!impressed I am indian

  23. Aparupa SARKAR says

    You've wasted a lot of food in this video. Why not take so much food when you can not eat so much ??

  24. Rutuja Shinde says

    hamara महाराष्ट् ke भाकरी kha… plzz🥳😍

  25. EA MD Hemant and Nandita says

    SO TASTY 😋

  26. Jeyanthi Anbazhagan says

    I am a indian. indian foods are delicious

  27. manju thevar says

    Lots of noice

  28. Sahana Nimbal says

    Yummy food I liked her energy that she it everything please come live we will talk with you

  29. Sushmita actor says

    Khana best mat karo yr

  30. Bishwas Gwachha says

    Many indian people cant eat food daily and you are wasting food to be famous😡

  31. Vishnu priyan P says

    This is the first time u didn't eat tye whole food Everyone is happy because if u ate everything u would've died 💯

  32. gresy official says

    Khana ka apman pura na kha kr kisi kisi ko nasib hi nhi hota khana 🤨🤔

  33. Mr ANJAAN says

    Kitne saal kii bhooki hai yrr

  34. Mr ANJAAN says


  35. udhay sharma says

    Some people earn to eat food and some eat food to earn

  36. ÎQŘAŇ Crafts says

    My tummy finally filled up..😍

  37. Rohu Sweety says

    Who else watches her video in 2x speed..hit likes here… guess i am the oly person…

  38. zakir hossain says

    When she eat that time she's eating sound is very very satisfying 😋💓

  39. Manoj Sarma says

    Your eating stayl clean and good so I like your vidio 😍😍

  40. Anuradha Jadhav says

    Are you Indian Dii???😊Please Tell na☺❤

  41. Anuradha Jadhav says

    Hi Dear❤Biggest Fan of you 😇🙆💖

  42. Alekhya choppla says

    Y are you hurting your stomach dear 😨😨

  43. Rutba Hilal says

    I no u r indian in which video u r eating indian food and plzz reply❣❣

  44. LEENA VERMA says


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