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Cricket Software from for Cricket Management Software System.

Cricket Brackets –
Auto Scheduling Our Powerful Auto Scheduling plot form is the result of our Technical Strength
Seeded Auto Scheduling: Seeding is the backbone system for the tournament organizer to do auto Scheduling according to his teams rankings
Blind – Auto Scheduling: Default mechanism, Follows First – in – First – Finalize. When organizer does have seeding with him.
Round Robin with Pools / without Pools
Knock Out Leagues using Single Elimination and Double Elimination
Single Elimination: Developed using Standard Sports Single Algorithm – for both Even and odd number teams
Double Elimination: Reached few standard charts, Winners, and Looser Brackets will Edit Schedules page helps to update date and venues for auto-scheduling
Cricket Scoring Software – Cricket Scorer
• Cricket Scoring Software is a inbuilt tool of our Jhalak web based cricket management Software system
• Our Cricket Scorer tool converts your desktops or smart devices to online cricket scoreboards while during your cricket sport event match going on.
• Manage your Cricket matches scorecards in a single click using our inbuilt cricket Scorer with this you can entry your score and broadcast your cricket leagues match results.
• Easiest and Fastest web application to maintain the live scores entry and online score sheets for all forms of Desi Cricket, Local Cricket and Gully Cricket.
• Our Smart user interface and mobile responsive provides the best view-ability and clear information,
• Cricket Scorer provides you a wide range of features like:
1. Wide ball Count Entry
2. No ball Count Entry
3. Leg Byes
4. Byes
5. Total Run Rate and Total Runs
6. Detailed scorecard of batsmen ball-to-ball score including –
Live Score Software Entries @ bats man: .Dot ball, 1, 2 3, 4, 6 Runs Count Entry
• Save and Submit options of Jhalak Cricket Scorer are the ultimate options for live score
o Save Button saves your data from unexpected events, accidental or incidental log off, So that you can open the match starts from where you left.
o Submit button- Submits the entry data into data base – and frame a Score Card pdf
• You can share your match score in social network or you can download pdf Score card and Send your fans

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    Really nice…which software used to create this video?

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