Apple Event – Everything to Expect, iOS 14 GM, iPhone 12?, iPad, AppleOne and more


Apple’s September 2020 event is tomorrow and there is a lot to expect. The event is scheduled for 2 hours and we should see iOS 14 GM along with the iOS 14 release date, watchOS 7, tvOS 14, a New Apple Watch Series 6, iPad Air, and maybe even iPhone 12. In this video I go over what to expect at the September 2020 Apple event and talk about a possible upcoming foldable iPhone and more. #iOS14 #Apple #iPhone

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:27 – Foldable iPhone?
01:31 – Apple Watch Series 6
02:54 – New iPad Air
03:46 – iOS 14 GM and iOS 14 release date
04:48 – iOS 14.1?
05:04 – iPhone 12
08:44 – AppleTV
09:00 – New MacBook with Apple Silicon
10:07 – iPadOS 14, tvOS 14, watchOS 7
11:11 – Wallpaper
11:23 – Outro
11:43 – End

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  1. zollotech says

    What are you most excited for at tomorrows Apple Event? Thanks so much to everyone for watching, I hope you ave a great day!

  2. Itzmehem ! says

    Please upload one for Series 3 with Watch OS 7 GM

  3. Victoria Perkovic says


  4. Matthew Garrihy says

    ios 14 gm is out now , its close to 5gb

  5. Tiana Nichole says

    I just got my iOS 14 update today and I love it so far !!

  6. Jormungandr says

    What a useless video smh

  7. Guardian Angel says

    Omg Apple let me down with all these updates my system got comprised so we’re in the updates we’ll I’ve sorted it now but ordered another mobile phone not iPhone Apple it’s let me down now it’s goodbye Apple and hello new mobile phone no more problems or no more break ins

  8. Trish says


  9. Victoria Joseph says

    A new ipad 8

  10. Asgardcore says


  11. Asgardcore says

    Wow expensive band there. Almost as much as the watch.

  12. Kay says

    30 more minutes until the "show"!!! What goodies will they give us??? Not give, but you know.

  13. madprops 12 says

    I really want iOS 14 to release soon.

  14. sosguy says

    Nice video, thanks.

  15. aldniel sammy rivera says

    If no head phones no charger no 90hz or 120hz? what is this apple 2021 is coming… Better to buy last year phone.

  16. Ajmain Ishaat Khan says

    zollotech releases a new videoMe: Time to change my wallpaper again

  17. Hiroshi Thai says

    It would be so great if Apple announced Apple Card coming to more countries

  18. Asian Invasion says

    new ipad air i just got the ipad air 3 come on

  19. sports events says

    How did you get iPhone 12???

  20. Reza nugroho p says

    when ios 14 release?

  21. Kevin Davis says

    I don't believe that Apple will release the A14 prior to the iPhone 12's, and if the iPad air 4 has a smart connector it will just use the 11" Pro's Magic keyboard. Thanks for the great video as always.

  22. JJ Magnificent says

    I need a new phone so bad lol praying for them to come soon 🙏🏽😭

  23. Liam Storey says

    Will the stream be available to watch after it ends?

  24. —; venuslya ; says

    god I'm so impatient! good thing I have a school event right before the apple event so time will deffinetly fly for me

  25. Bryce Pilgram says

    For me what I’m happy. and excited for is the iPhone 12 or the iPhone 12 max. and I can wait until December to get the iPhone 12. or the iPhone 12 max for me to wait for the release date. for the iPhone 12s in the fall time of 2020.

  26. Andreas _ says

    Do you expect some apple-branded over-ear headphones?

  27. AkhilMathew.M Valiyaveetill says

    I wish if iphon 12 have 5g and oled desplay i wish if they had that

  28. MACS Detail says

    Where could I find the bracelet you use ?:)

  29. jonrmx says

    wtf is it with him calling it GM. since when regular people started calling it GM??

  30. Vaxio says

    Hey where did u get that black case that's on what looks to be the iPhone 12 dummy model

  31. Henry Cohen says

    Anyone having an issue with wireless charging iPhone 11 Pro. I put phone in charge pad for first time since Beta 8 & it’s not charging. I tried it on 2 different pads & nothing. Not even indicator on pad lights up. Anyone else experiencing this ?

  32. BlueSquid says

    Would I be able to trade in my 7th gen iPad for the new iPad Air?

  33. Sajed Hussain says

    Good info 👍

  34. Antonio Fernández says

    To be honest, I just want to see the next iPhone, I have no interest on the other products

  35. Veronica Serrato says

    Hi so when do we see the iOS 14 tomorrow? And I see they took away the time on the Display.. I hope we have always on display.

  36. Jon Blanco says

    Good stuff zollo!!

  37. stvew says

    Just been watching you for around a month, you do real good videos

  38. Tech ReviewsTV says

    If there isn't 120hz on the pro models I'll just buy the 12 🥲

  39. Joshua Bradshaw says

    I'm hoping that one version will have LCD as well. I, unfortunately, do not like the OLED on the phone. It bothers my eyes. OLED on a massive TV is fine but not necessary on a phone.

  40. Mike Smith says

    Where to get one?

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