Animal Crossing – Wild World [OST] Cab (New Game)


Game: «Animal Crossing – Wild World»
Music: «Cab (New Game)»
Publisher: «Nintendo»
Composer(s): «Kazumi Totaka = ?»
Platform: «Nindendo DS»
Release Date: North America «December 5, 2005»
Release Date: Europe «March 31, 2006»
Release Date: Japan «November 23, 2005»

  1. Newmade007 says

    For all peoples that say this audio quality is terrible, and the ears are now dead…
    This IS the original soundtrack from the game!
    The original thought from the composer was, that will be heard in a Cab/Taxi.
    Well, if we don't stupid enough, right, it sounds like a RADIO.
    And a radio doesn't have 24 Bit sound.
    I hope it will be clearer now.

  2. Minecraft Gamer209 says

    I was born in 2005, so I guess Animal Crossing: Wild World and I are the same age

  3. Corn says

    Guys it’s Kappn GUYS ITS KAPPN

  4. Mia Satterly says

    ive never played this game (althou i want it) and this song gives me happy tingles all over (dont take that out of context you fucking perverts)

  5. pigeonways says

    Lol my YouTube glitched and showed the comments from the Town Hall (day) video and I was confused on why everybody was talking about Pelly

  6. 박허니버섯 says


  7. Fritzone4Lolz says

    I can almost hear the rain hitting the taxi windows and Kapp'n talking to me from the front seat 😌

  8. Little Misty-eyed says

    I can hear the windscreen wipers in my head

  9. Steven Zeppeli says

    Absolutely sobbing 👌👌

  10. Luisito Comunista says

    The rhythm of this song reminds me the songs "Two of us" and "Across the universe" of The Beatles.

  11. Lucas Behlke says

    I have this game on my Nintendo DS (original) but I misplaced it and I can't find it! I hope I find it and the charger some day cause this is my favorite game on it

  12. Romain Roche says

    From what kk music this melody came from ? 0:29

  13. Moosieo says

    I like the radio kinda thing they put on there.
    Real clever!

  14. Gabby Villarreal says

    I’m starting to reconsider getting rid of this for New Leaf, but, on the other hand, my town was pretty boring, and I couldn’t go to other towns because I had no friends.

  15. Kobaru the kameil says

    The radio effect makes it perfect

  16. July Pokéfan says

    Sounds like beach vacation music.

  17. Retro Octopus says

    Reminds me of salmon run.

  18. Jed Schrock says

    I love how this sounds

  19. PJmars says

    Holy fuck my ears

  20. Gabriel Wiktorowicz says

    Anyone know what instrument that is?

  21. BadBones says

    no mistakes here, just happy accidents.

  22. ENGINEER says

    It's even better.

  23. Gabriele Savoldelli says

    I would love a lo-fi remix of this.

  24. zentwii says

    it sounds pretty aesthetic like this ngl

  25. NoodleBot says


  26. Levi Bielfeld says

    Does this soundtrack eventually exist in a better quality ? 🙂 But this is good as well.

  27. Grwimmy says

    I'm not even mad about the quality

  28. Mimi says

    i'm crying, he sings that

  29. Mel Mel says

    12 people don't get why the audio quality is the way it is.

  30. • Rorico • says


  31. Crazycats45 says

    I feel like the bad quality adds to the nostalgia of this song…I've listened to clear ones of this and none of them give me the same feel this does. God I miss those days…

  32. Cvo777 says

    Its so bad, its good. Like a taxi radio

  33. Blizzy Wolf says

    M Y EAR S

  34. Lessly Cepeda says

    Isn't this a K.K. song?

  35. Quincy says

    Very fitting for a cab radio.

  36. Ambipie says


  37. TORA_V4 says


  38. CerealMonster says

    nostalgia ;A;

  39. riley smudge says

    this actually sounds like a song coming from a radio, especially for a taxi

  40. Stefan54 says

    Great thanks!

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