1. ashi01c says

    handsome boi

  2. Vladislav Kozlov says

    Came here after the checkm8 release :3

  3. NICEGUY69 says

    This will now be possible on the iPhone X using checkm8

  4. Kurumi Tokisaki says

    xs max, pie, pls, 2019

  5. TR Goku says

    0:36 face revealed

  6. LanterN says

    I just found my old iphone 3g jailbroken on ios 4.2.1!!! Going to install this right now

  7. pierre2324 says

    can you install apk? if yes I thinks its more interesting than having a 3g in 2016? cannot have any apps

  8. technology productions 2020 says

    try windows XP

  9. technology productions 2020 says

    he sounds like vwestlife

  10. 李延 says


  11. Jack Diller says

    This was so cool.. Like… Fuck. Wish I'd been really into this back in 2010.

  12. Vette Guy says

    Can you get android on the 5 ore 5s?

  13. Bobby Jeff says

    like if watching in 2015 and plz make one for ios 8 iphone 6

  14. Nutso Six says

    how dose it install programs or app software, eg., DAW program like FL Studio

  15. MrJ0mmy says

    please make it for iphone 3gs IS0 6.1.6

  16. Sauce Lloron says

    Que ordinariez es ver a un iphone con esa mierda de android.

  17. Xorok says

    You look pretty happy and proud. Sad that the project died off :/

  18. XxShadowGiratinaxX says

    Will you update this to iOS 7 jailbreak sometime? I've been waiting for this once the first jailbreak for iOS 7 came out lol

  19. AME TV says

    Great project but im intrested in porting ubuntu touch to iphone 4 was wobdering if iboot would work on that device

  20. Torbin Dirkenbaum says

    Get iOS 7 it looks like Jelly Bean lolz (I'm actually using an iPhone 5 with iOS 7 and it's great!)

  21. Hulk says


  22. Bonvoyage says

    i mean hes recording an iphone 3g with a 3gs

  23. Bonvoyage says

    hes recording an iphone3gs

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