Android "Fingerprints" by PES


PES’s latest, a film for Android’s “Be Together. Not the Same.” campaign. “Fingerprints” features dozens of finger-people coming together in meticulously crafted miniature environments.

Android “Fingerprints” :60


Directed by PES
Advertising Agency: Droga5 NY
Creative Chairman: David Droga
Chief Creative Officer: Ted Royer
Executive Creative Director: Kevin Brady
Group Creative Director: Ray Del Savio
Group Creative Director: Jerry Hoak
Associate Creative Director: Okan Usta
Senior Copywriter: Julie Matheny
Junior Art Director: Katie Willis
Junior Copywriter: Ryan Snyder
Head of Broadcast Production: Ben Davies
Senior Broadcast Producer: Andrew Slough
Production Company: RESET
Managing Director: Dave Morrison
Executive Producers: Jen Beitler & Jeff McDougall
Head of Production: Amanda Clune
Producer: Ahnee Boyce
Production Designer: Damon Fortier
Director of Photography: Rebecca Baehler
Editorial: Friendshop, NY
Editor: Ben Suenaga
Executive Producer: Melissa Mapes
Post Production: A52, Santa Monica
Lead Flame Artist: Cole Schreiber
Colorist: Paul Yacono
Executive Producer: Patrick Nugent
Head of Production: Kim Christensen
Sound Mix: Heard City, NY
Audio Mixer: Phil Loeb
Audio Mixer: Eric Warzecha
Filmed at GMT Studios, Culver City, California

  1. Clint P says


  2. Rosa Marina says

    Fazia tempo que eu estava procurando este vídeo ,saudades lindo faz a criança se distrair,até os adultos gostam .

  3. Tdhxgstg Shhdhxg says

    Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment

  4. sona says

  5. ً says

    POV: this was the world before coronavirus.

  6. Nhỏ Trần says




  8. Peeps40836 says

    That was you who made that ad?! Huh.

  9. Gabriel Martinez osses says


  10. Gabriel Martinez osses says


  11. Rhett Thomas says

    Did you see the pimp with the grandmas

  12. Miradana Kim says

    Если человеки были пальцами , классное видео

  13. Da Gucci clan says

    Get creative!

  14. Tau Jsab says

    Still and still deserves on oscar

  15. Alisa Kazaryan says


  16. James Flores says

    This just gave me flashbacks to the Finger Family…

  17. Henry Jones says

    Did they serve finger food at that party?

  18. Stop Motion Cooking says

    You always make brilliant videos, always very exciting and creative

  19. Stop Motion Cooking says

    so impressive

  20. nahit kerimov says

    The ending quote seems like are drike 😊😅

  21. Stop Motion Cooking says

    so cute, This video helps me relax

  22. Kayla İrem says

    Fingers are rly cute omg

  23. Salma Mahmoud says

    صوابع. ؟!؟😂🤣😆

  24. Malina Wong says

    Be together. Not the same. 👫

  25. Kayla Gainey says

    This is the most wholesome and creative thing I've ever seen

  26. User_invalid says


  27. MagicpawzYT [PawPower] says


  28. MightyMouse41 says


  29. Vanna Cove says

    That was an android commercial?!

  30. Ryan Almeida says


  31. WindowsEffects 2020 HD says

    16 Feb 2012

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