ANDROID Controlled from PC (How-To Remote Control ANDROID Phone)


This video series will show you how to use Screencast to control your Android phone from any computer. I accept donations to support future developments of these videos to help others and give me a beer fund to make them with :). Click the link below if you would like to donate!!!


Java Link:

Droid Explorer Link:

SDK Download Link:

Once you open the command prompt, you must switch to the directory you placed your SDK files. For me, they are in the root of drive C so I typed:

cd c:android-sdk-windowstools

ADB Commands in case you can’t see them:
adb shell
chmod 777 /data/dalvik-cache
cd /data/dalvik-cache

  1. Nabila Nabila says

    Hi! I recommend you use ApowerMirror You can easily control your Android with this one

  2. Willy Martinez says


  3. Tammy Conrad says

    Too confusing

  4. Redlime says

    Shove the mic further up your ass

  5. The mod man The mod man says

    do you need usb debugging on

  6. The mod man The mod man says

    do you need to have usb debugging on?

  7. Matej Drenjančević says

    Hi I wanna record my face with phone and screen with fraps for yt but I need a way to use PC keyboar Im using on my pc to activate certqain action on my phone like I press button thats start recording and it starts recording screen and gives my phone signal to start recording. Is this program good for it and do you know any program whitch is good or in case this can be used for it that is better for that purpouse. Thanx for reading this comment guys, I apriciate it.

  8. Logic And Life Easy says

    your name

  9. Berleine Marin says

    How to rooted with a cracked screen ? make a plan before launching a video.

  10. Mijanur Rahaman says

    would you like to tell me what searching software you used when you search cmd and find it please.

  11. BlueRice says

    i fucking hate people. there are over 39 app that allowed adb command over wifi. like wtf no a single app to adb command over online? like seriously?

  12. Roman Padour says

    what about remote control android from android ?

  13. pieter bijma says

    yay if you tried this is it the hard way frustrating isnt it bro make it yourself easy man download teamviewer 10 share screen from other pc or share the screen from your mobile device no root bs needed you can download it at is free less hassle you need also download the teamviewer app from playstore enjoy is great for gaming or eaven meetings .oh yeah happy new year if you read this in 2015 😛

  14. Maciej Kaczorowski says

    if your computer is physically connected why you call it remote?

  15. Stupid Fast RC says

    I really loved your clip. Great stuff! Thanks for posting.

  16. Edwin Mactal says

    He said so we could access our phone since the screen is broken. Tell me again how we'll do that?

  17. IceKiddGaming says

    So he said this works well if your digitizer is broken or on the fritz… remind me how to do all this without interacting with the phone again -___-

  18. moorreese says

    Ok. So I solved that issue by ending process on ADB and I followed the command prompt instructions. However, when launching Droid Explorer again, I could not get past the ADB Servers screen without ending process on ADB.EXE. Now I can still only see my phone, I can't actually move around on it, it won't get past the lock screen. Any suggestions?

  19. moorreese says

    When I'm doing the command prompts I keep getting "ADB server is out of date. killing…." I installed the adbfix but it says there is no conflict. Any suggestions?

  20. John Heitor says

    Howdy, All has gone well until I try to open screencast at which time I get a pop up saying "Your security settings have blocked a self-signed application from running". Any idea what I need to do now?

  21. dame ding says

    can you make a call with this while using ur pc's mic and speakers?

  22. Daisy MiRollin says

    use terminal

  23. ali ahmadian says

    how should we root the phone or ON the debug mode when the screen is cracked ? 

  24. technogeek0515 says

    Um question how do I open a command prompt or that little window you opened up?

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