ANDROID 21 CAN DO THAT?! | Dragonball FighterZ Ranked Matches


a21 can synergize this good with base goku?! i never knew that! im takin’ notes!
this time in our online dbfz ranked matches, we will be playing goku blue with yamcha and base goku ! this was recorded before my nerf fall guys pls D:
high rank dragonball fighterz ranked matches! expect a classic gameplay video with a little less memes and more gameplay showing you high level neutral and most importantly, high level, in depth,deep with rich vocabulary commentary!
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nerf pls playlist

buff pls playlist

online matches playlist

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  1. EL Hernandez says


  2. mtik says

    Hello dad

  3. Scarlet Fire says

    Pls nerf among us

  4. Nerf Wizzako says

    Hello your beautiful sound videos. I also make videos but I’m still far from having your talent if you go through my channel you could give me some advice

  5. EvilTony13Reloaded says

    Freezer: That actually works…!! THAT ACTUALLY WOOORKS!!!!!

  6. onemangan says

    Broly dbs is good with base Goku and gogeta ssgss

  7. RubS0311 says

    Argin what are ur Sound Effects pls answer

  8. Colosse_09 says

    Not a lot of content for Buff Yamcha in this video…

  9. Emme DB says

    Hey Argin, what kinda editing sotfware do you use? Just curious, cause i wanna start making my own videos for fun

  10. The Pudding Stone says

    with 21 if you just do her cmd grab in the corner and dont follow up with the dive but immedietly cancel into lvl1 goku spawns outside of the corner and you keep the smicks

  11. Adi Buu says

    3:21 WTF ?! 🤣

  12. YEUY says

    Team "get up ⬆️ ! GET DOWN !!!!Base vegetaVegettoTienAny assist

  13. Saladdin Ayub says

    do god of destruction level characters:beerus (any assist)jiren (any assist)broly dbs (any assist)

  14. Creepazoidzes says

    A good Goku synergy team!Gogeta AAndroid 21 (whichever assist is the destruction ball)Baseku AThe assists work really well throughout the team and gogeta's big bang kamehameha confirms into Spirit Ball, as does 21

  15. OmegaFM says

    Which type of controller do you use Argin?

  16. Jack Don says

    I have a new suggested team"… Nope"UI GokuHitVegito(Any order, I just tend to start with UI Goku because haha dodge go brrrr)

  17. Caylum Favel says

    The next nerf vid should be goku blue

  18. Slimmer Elk says

    That last match was thrown lol

  19. Gerald Carolina says

    Try the vegita blue lvl 1 into base goku spirit bomb. The vegeta blue lvl one where he does the punch and etmiedietly chage to goku base lvl 3.

  20. Caleb D says

    Try my main teamAndroid 16 (Color 13, C assist)Vegeta Blue (Color 07, B assist)Nappa (Color 15, A assist)

  21. Nintendo Nation says

    I wish 21 would Synergize better with teams she at least to me is really hard to put into teams. Also good waifu choice.

  22. Makai Josiah says

    Suggestion Team FusionBlue GogetaBlue VegitoFused ZamasuAny Assist You Like 👍

  23. Mason Wright says

    Random team but I think you would enjoy:Fat Buu (any assist)Android 21 (any assist)Base goku (any assist)Any order

  24. Kind of srs says

    Love your vids. Great gameplay, my dude! my team suggestion pt 2: electric boogaloo."the flying purple people eaters"-Android 21-Kid Buu-Cell / Majin BuuAll in purple colors.

  25. Yoshibro26 says


  26. Emishimaru - Sama says

    I suppose the title Is about how Spirit Bomb can connect with Android 21's lvl 1 Special =o

  27. Conor Martin says

    I think a fun team to see would be the dumbass team of Base gokuCoolerand frieza One for the soup, one for the tree and one to be the dumbass.

  28. blackbokuto says

    Into the trash

  29. Drex says

    Imma start simping again

  30. skillshot says

    my team suggestion is:Attack Of The Tailsfriezaandroid 21janemba

  31. Oliver Xu says

    Considering that they both like to eat food a lot, it's no wonder that a21 and goku synergize well. 😛

  32. Nani The Fuck says

    ArGin-Sama, this guy already made a video where he shows wich characters combo with the Genkidama.The only thing is that the video is in spanish and it doesn't have subtitles, so maybe you wont understand. Love your content bro.

  33. Ekal D'blood says

    ArGin got bonked?Impossible

  34. arbetor12 says

    You play on stick or pad?

  35. Keshi says

    Suggested team of “wait! You only get 2 z assist?” because these characters didn’t get the memoCaptain GinyuVidel Android 18 Any order

  36. Danny playz says


  37. Othmane Ettahri says

    Do the yamcha is a bitch team _ yamcha but you have to instantly die with him_ whatever you want to use_ whatever you want to use

  38. Unimon02 says

    My suggested team would be team "F*** Jiren, all my homies hate Jiren"- Goku (Super Saiyan)- Frieza- Android 17any order, any assist (actually I'd just like to see Android 17)

  39. miwa shuji says

    My suggested team is :The naruto style teamMui goku (sharingan) a assistTrunks (fire ball jutsu) b assistGt goku (rasengan) a assist

  40. Kyle Kern says

    Why is no one talking about 8:36?! THAT WAS SO CLEAN!!!

  41. Duh, One Boi says

    That was the ultimate bonk

  42. JayMoney Anims says

    My base Goku team isBardock(B)Teen Gohan(A)Baseku(A)I sometimes swap Gohan with Goku Black(A) or swap Baseku's A assists with B, or Teen Gohan's A assist with B

  43. Douglas Enamorado says

    Day 11 for asking him to nerf videl

  44. Marcos Villegas says

    Here is another base goku team:Majin buuBase GokuSSJ Goku

  45. GrillaGamer says

    Not gonna lie wish you did an among us video instead of fall guy

  46. Aska Asuna says

    geegee Andriod 21 ~ that dropppp

  47. Sanji Smutje says

    Both brolys work with b.goku, cell does, fat buu and few more

  48. sir primex says

    I can see what are you doing 👀

  49. Milky Cereal says

    love the channel argin keep it up

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