Android 11 First Impressions: From an iPhone User!


Android 11 Public Beta 1 recently arrived and while we have already given you a first look at Android 11 back in April, this time we wanted you to give our first impressions from an iPhone user perspective. Well, this is Android 11 first impressions from an iPhone user.

Here Are the Phones Compatible with Android 11 Beta 1:

Android 11 First Look: 7 Most Exciting Features!:

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  1. Beebom says

    What's up Notification Squad! Here are all the phones compatible with Android 11 Beta 1: 😇

  2. Subish S says

    How to Record Phone Calls on Android 11 ?

  3. Rebel Star says

    Who said android gesture navigation not good….I have pixel 3 xl it’s gesture navigation is so smooth like butter…


    Give the link of intro song

  5. Atharva Pimplapure says

    iOS ke he video Bana Bhai Tu….Biased video😒😒😒

  6. sai sasank 21 says


  7. Sonu Yadav says

    Waiting to see more stuff in 11


    Wt a intro bro

  9. Suresh Singh says

    Incredible android 11

  10. Prasad Madival says


  11. mohit shukla says

    Navigation gestures

  12. DS Rahul says

    Wow Great!U guys rate Google OS

  13. Anon A says

    Switching off internet access to selected apps should be there

  14. Akshat K says

    Beebom-: Reviewing Android 11Me-: 'Who is still using Android 9

  15. Alex Asher says

    Just a heads up guys "Dark mode schedule" is already available in Android 10Edit I'm on a pixel 2 and it's there in Android 10

  16. Dj Switch says

    Thing is, on Samsung… Using one hand operation plus from the good lock or nice lock app, the gestures are very smooth. No difference with iOS. Give that a try cus it's made for Samsung.

  17. Om Pimple says

    Intro music ?

  18. LORD MUFASA says


  19. Pro Legal Gamer says

    Who find the Android 11 useful and better than android 10? #Andriod11


    I was iPad user too but now I have Samsung Galaxy Tab a Samsung apps are better tbh apple u just pay for more apps and android user they are more free apps 7-2-2020

  21. Aditya Kashyap says

    Such a 🐑 man .

  22. Mr_Mnc says

    Oxygen OS is the finest version of Android . Native screen recorder , in game audio , gestures are all present.

  23. troublekick says

    Nice caption guys, when you review iPhone you guys become Android users

  24. Ravi Chaudhary says

    Bhai bol toh aayese rahe ho jaise android 11 ke nahi ios ke tarif ke liye video banai hai jaise muh bana rahe ho..

  25. Manas Kumar Pradhan says

    Your intro is always best

  26. Rajkumar Junjuri says

    Swipe along cross from left edge of Google Play Store home screen…it will give you 100% accurate menu on android 10 too

  27. Mariya Thomas says

    I just updated to Android 10 …… Now they are talking about Android 11 lol….

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