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Soul Mates on Facebook: Now on SeeSo and iTunes: Season 1) Season 2)

Created by Connor Van Vuuren, Christiaan Van Vuuren and Nick Boshier
Written and Directed by Van Vuuren Bros
Starring Nick Boshier and Christiaan Van Vuuren

For Soul Mates full credits go to:

  1. Anarchic Bandit says

    Holy shit you guys are amazing

  2. Azrael Of The 1st Legion says

    Is the bird human supposed to be Juhuety

  3. Sans Papiers says

    Top notch talent!!…I wonder why the Illuminati hasn't contacted you yet???

  4. Insert Redletter Media Meme Here says

    WTF why does this have like no views? This is genius and so well done.

  5. ROXXXZO says

    That bird man is, dare I say, yoked.

  6. Merc Beaut says

    How do you only have 24k subs?!

  7. Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus says

    Yous deserve far môre subscribers

  8. Sam Smith says

    Fuckn legends guys. and kudos for being the only people left on youtube to not monetize your vids 👏👏👏

  9. Natasha Montand says

    "You heard the wall…"

  10. Alexander Morgan says

    amazing. just amazing.

  11. Zen O'Malley says

    Yes! Brilliant! Thank You Guys for all your hard work!!!!

  12. Normand Pichette says

    That was fucking brilliant! Kudos! Subbed!

  13. chlanchalashas says

    You guys really have some quality stuff on your channel.

  14. Vividcg says

    you guys should totally sell out and make a movie.

  15. Taewoo Kang says

    Moooooooooaaaarrrrr ! This is so great

  16. El Casho says

    haha wow this was awesome!

  17. bones22j says

    More more more. I don't care how hard you already work. Work harder. And faster.

  18. Animuj says

    Amazing stuff. Quality is just top notch!

  19. coralraider says

    Love Sphinxy!..

  20. Matthew De Klerk says

    That was awesome. The humour and the production values!

  21. Julian Walss says

    new series, new series, new series! 🙂

  22. Big Val says

    1st baby love you Sticks!!!

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