Amazing Cucumber Agriculture Cucumber Farming & Cucumber Harvesting Greenhouse Cucumber Cultivation


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Amazing Cucumber Agriculture Cucumber Farming & Cucumber Harvesting Greenhouse Cucumber Cultivation –
⏱ Timestamps
00:00 Introduction
00:47 Whole life cycle of cucumber cultivation and Vertical Greenhouse Cucumber farming process
02:03 Greenhouse Cucumber Agriculture Farming & Cucumber Harvesting(step by step)
02:09 Step 1 : Cucumber Plantation
02:35 Step 2 : Securing Cucumber Plant
03:05 Step 3 : Tightening and lowering the cucumber plant
03:37 Step 4: clipping the cucumber plant
04:13 Step 5: Pruning the cucumber plant
05:10 Step 6: Cutting the cucumber leaves
05:36 Step 7: Cucumber Harvesting
06:51 Step 8: Sorting and packaging cucumber
07:38 Step 9: Crop Rotation
08:16 Modern Cucumber Farm
09:46 Commercial cucumber production

Credit: Villege Farmer,, AB Werkt, Sun Day99

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  1. Srikant Lenka says

    sir cucumber seed ka name kiya ha

  2. Terry Ramkissoon says

    How are the plants pollinated in greenhouse?.

  3. Terry Ramkissoon says

    How are the plants pollinated?.

  4. R S says

    Your videos are so relaxing !!! Just can't wait to see all your videos… Keep going…

  5. 가을하늘 says

    샐러드 할 때 스낵오이 어슷 썰어 올리면 예쁘고 맛있어요.^^*

  6. Ali Janajah says


  7. Ali Janajah says

    عاشت ايديكم على هذه الزراعه الجميله والحلوه شكرا لكم ولا قناتكم ربي يحفظكم و يزيدكم ان شاء الله ويبارك في هذا الخيار هلو هلو ثانكيو شكرا لكم انا من العراق من متابعيني لكم شكرا لكم على هذا الزراعه الجميله وال قناه الجميله ثانكيو ثانكيو ثانكيو فري ماتش

  8. Pubg Hero : Panda says

    we can understand your words, keep posting here ❤❤🧡🧡💛💛💛

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    Hi friend thanks sharing good information and clear.May god blessing you happiness and have nice day

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    Like too 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️👍👍

  11. Arjun S says

    Which country, and location

  12. Amit Kumar Premi yadav says

    Nice video fal fruit 💪💪💙💙💪💪💞💞

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  14. Thirupathi Selvi says

    Amazing keep updating more videos brother

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