1. Richard Morrow says

    It is singed by Mike Nareen . This guy "sing it" from playback.

  2. OffdaRoots says

    My left ear enjoyedWhile right 👂 complained. So i played twice , swapped the headphones 🎧 sides and gave a chance to my right side

  3. Daniel Pfennig says

    Mike Mareen macht hier etwas, was Frank Farian bei Boney M. und Milli Vanilli oder Drafi Deutscher bei Masquerade gemacht hat. Er lässt jemanden die Lippen bewegen und singt selber. Milli Vanilli hat es das Genick gebrochen. Andere sind besser dabei weggekommen. Aber gut.. Das gab es früher und wird es heute auch noch geben… Wenn die Musik gut ist…

  4. spillerxxxxx says

    The same voice as D. Hasselhoff

  5. tacho24de Tachotuning says

    Worldchampion EGON MÜLLER !

  6. Renato Vichiato says

    Top perfeita canção

  7. Indian 2080s says

    Feels like 80s Sega Outrun.

  8. Matti Suutarinen says


  9. vanleeuwenhoek says

    David Lee Roth

  10. Excessor X says

    Great dirt bike theme disco! And this time the playback almost synchs ;D

  11. Nicol Šimara says

    German Singer Egon Muller

  12. luis zpl says

    cierto tiene la voz y el tono de mike mareen    buenaza aun el publico esta botando mucha energia pero es como cualquier producto con el tiempo se hace mas valioso buenaaa

  13. GordonToken says

    😉 music.mikemareen.de/mm-projekte.html

  14. Nicol Šimara says

    Great Song

  15. jabedemi says


  16. Bogusław Wrobel says

    super 80s

  17. 232laser says

    como me encanta este tema, excelente aporte, gracias x subirlo.

  18. Nicol Šimara says

    Egon 80S Dance Music German and Italo Disco Dance

  19. rockypup1968 says

    awful and he only became speedway champion cos the track was graded to his specifications and he was pracitising 2 weeks before at nordan.

  20. Nicol Šimara says


  21. Nicol Šimara says


  22. Nicol Šimara says

    ********** in German 80S********

  23. Nicol Šimara says


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