Alive COVID-19 Patient declared dead | Prabhadevi KEM Hospital | FAKE Misleading video


Several ECGs were taken when the patient was still on a ventilator and they were all flat lines, but they did not understand and argued. Later the senior doctor …

  1. Jai Shivaji Jai Bhavani says

    Please read the description of the video! 👆 Before coming to the conclusion.

  2. Akarsh Saxena says

    In 12vi fail logo ko sikhao ki ventilator kya hota hain n us par reading kya batati hai….aur saalo ko yeh bhi sikhao ki covid ward me mask utarke khade nhi hote

  3. Girish Raut says

    Patient is dead. Ventilator machine doesn't show heart rate. The machine pumps oxygen so chest will rise. These illiterate boys need education. Gujarat ka naam kharab.

  4. mohammed raihan says

    Guys please report this video

  5. mohammed raihan says

    You illiterate,For God sake stop defaming doctors who are risking their lives at this dire situation.And apologise for spreading fake news

  6. Lucky Harode says

    Jisne ye video banaya h vo bohot bdaa fool hai…ye video pura banna tha tb logo ko sacchai pta chalti… jo log yaha pr doctors ko gaaliyaan de rhe h ya unke baare me ulta sidha bol rhe h vo log ye bhul rhe h ki agr ye doctors na hote to hum bhi na hote..So please respect doctors #its_a_fake_news#respectdoctors

  7. naresh kumar says

    Bhai es desh ka kuchh nhi ho sakta jinko ventilator ka v nhi pta vo bhi gyan de rhe h ek doctor ko 8Sal lag jate h ventilator ki settings sikhne me MBBS and pg MD Aur kuchh log Keval view ke chakar m jhuth fela rhe h ECG ke bad ka video kha hVentilator Keval oxygen lung m deta h jisse chest up down hota h Heart kam kr rha h ya nhi ECG se dekhte h jo ki flat aaya vo video kuchh hram khoro ne nhi dala kyu ki Janta ko masala chahiye or kuchh nhi Aao ko ye nhi pta ki kon aap ke liye kam kr rha h or kon aapko murkh bna kr kevl views chahta h So please life is yours choice is yours Is channel vale se puchho ventilator hota kya h

  8. Sage k says

    Please correct the title

  9. Adv Anon says

    These guys should be booked for creating a nuisance /ruckus in hospital and disturbing other patients. What is seen on the s deen is ventilator assisted Inhale/Exhale cycle. Whoever has posted this video should also have shown the ECG output the doctor had come with the portable ECG machine why that is not shown or is it deliberately edited to create a sensational video???

  10. NEEL VISION says

    Doctors are loosing our trust

  11. Kajal Vishwakarma says

    Dont spread fake vedios

  12. Dr. Pankaj says

    Fact check

  13. Kurne Shivamurti says

    Title is wrong.Patient was already dead.Ventilator pushes air inside the chest and since the chest moves, fluctuations are seen on the machine.Post mortem caloricity meaning temperature of the body increases after death.These are some BASICS that you might need so as to NOT ACCUSE on the basis of HALF KNOWLEDGE.

  14. Faizal H says dono links dekho puri kahani samjh ayegi.

  15. Faizal H says

  16. Nidhi Shah says

    Saale doctors sab chutiye hai

  17. prashant niwate says


  18. ankita katrela says

    Was he alive or not?

  19. JUGAL WAGHELA says

    Viral karoooo

  20. JUGAL WAGHELA says

    All are corrupted

  21. Omkar Bhoir says

    To jivant ahe ka nahi atta

  22. Boricha Devang says

    Hospitals don't have humanity. Pls make sure that not all are same but 70 percentage are same.

  23. Muskan khan says


  24. M D says

    Is this the full video? Dont spread fake news. He was on ventilator which is pushing air inside his lungs, that is why those people felt he was alive. In the end doctor was about to take actual ECG which shows the patient was no more. Where is that part of the video?

  25. Sparrow XT says

    Is it safe to trust doctors now?

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