1. Baako Chuky says

    I from umuahia I want to do goat farming can I have ur number

  2. Asha Nova says

    Very helpful

  3. Olamide Ola says

    Why are you talking dollar

  4. UgMoneyRecordz says

    Most Africa Food Are Deadly, Sugar Cane, Cassava, Yam, Garri, Even Pineapple Is Bad, Corn Is Hybrid, plant Created In Lab, And That Can Grow In Soil…. Acid / Alkaline…

  5. UgMoneyRecordz says

    Stop Eating Meat, Sugar, Africa Food Is A Mess….. Why will A Person Eat Meat, Fish, Milk, Drink Alcohol, Sugar, Table Salt, Dont Get Me Wrong,, Sea Salt Is Good, Because Sea Salt Is Electrical.. Any Plants, Fruits, Water, Grain, Vegetable, etc That Is below 7 In PH Scale Must Not Be Consume Person especially Africans, Brown Or black, what ever you might Identify Us With…..Why Because Anything Below 7 In PH Scale Is Acid The The Body Cant Digest….. And It Will Become A Waste, Acid, Fat, Mucus In The Body……. Africa People Try And Go Farming

  6. Michael Keshi says

    Agricultural machinery of new generation is the only solution such as Irrigation.. Agriculture.. Sprinkler irrigation.. Surface irrigation.. Drip irrigation.. Center pivot irrigation.. Irrigation in Australia.. Irrigation management.. Loe-flow irrigation systems.. Canal.. Environmental Impact of irrigation.. Farm water.. Water management in Greater Mexico City.. Peak Water.. Deficit irrigation.. Plumbing.. Fire sprinkler system.. Sprinkler system timer.. Arizona Canal.. Pueblo Grande Ruin and irrigation

  7. shana hernandez says

    Smart thinking!

  8. Alogo Cassava says

    smallholders foundation keep the good work going. The time is coming when many people will see the important of agric and how we can use it to overcome hunger and poverty in nigeria.

  9. fobfalcon1 says

    Agriculture? I thought phone and email scams was the quickest way to make money there

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