agriculture and organic farming evergreen fruit forest at chennai model farm in tamil


agriculture and organic farming evergreen at fruit forest chennai model farm in tamil

meet mr jaswant singh successful agriculture and organic farmer, who has created and unbelievable organic fruit forest in the middle of buzzing city of chennai
in the midst of the buzzing sounds of mogappair, chennai, rests jaswant singh’s quaint and sprawling fruit forest that instantly transports you to a quiet countryside, away from the sounds of traffic, hawkers and hecklers.

jaswant is a builder by profession and grew his garden pot-by-pot only out of interest, and began 35 years back. from humble beginnings like korean and mexican grass, but today he has created and developed an intensive thick fruit forest with more than 300 sandalwood trees, each over 35 feet tall. he also has over 350 herbal plants, 60 varieties of fruiting plants including orange grapes and mozambique, a variety of bonsai plants, a kitchen garden, indoor plants and even solar power unit.

he manages his evergreen farm with simple agricultural technology that was used in the ancient past, with vermicompost and biogas he has developed the system which is completely self sustainable and renewable energy source. according to him the chennai weather doesn’t make any difference when it comes to building from the plans. is agriculture and organic farming model as extracted even the government and other officials to visit his farm very often.

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    Live long .
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    Love from Trichy

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