1. Da34Box says

    Dude your team is down by 5 at half time and you stick out your tongue to a guy who is half your age

  2. Just Magic Mostly says

    That's the chump who Marcus Smart shoved on Saturday!

  3. Keith Shannon says

    What a piece of crap… His name is Jeff Orr. Now he got Marcus Smart suspended after Marcus shoved him because Jeff Orr called him a racial slur, seeing as he's an African American we can all assume what the dirtbag Jeff Orr called him.Jeff Orr offered to not go to anymore Tech games this year. I think they should ban him from attending games this year, which would be double the suspension Marcus was given and possibly lose his season tickets & have to get regular tickets throughout the season or re-apply & wait for tickets.

  4. mlk960 says

    You know I really don't see why people are flipping out over the smart incident at all. It was a bad event. We know. But now people are freaking out over this guy. Yeah, he's being nutty. But that's why we go to sports games- to let loose. He knows he stepped over the line at that instant, they both took things too far. But this is why we have sports: So we can get heated up. Personally, none of you people raging at this guy gave two shits about Texas Tech before this incident, but all of a sudden you're so concerned when it makes headlines. Let them roll however they want to roll, as long as it is all contained.

  5. AaronXOK says

    Jeff Orr, douchebag. Take his tickets away from him.Look forward to seeing you at TxTech's games in Stillwater, Jeffy.

  6. SMaze17 says

    What a scumbag 

  7. Tim Walker says

    When the players are forced to stop their crazy celebrations and talking trash then you can deal with the fans! As long as players talk trash and act like they've invented the cure to cancer when the put a ball in a basket, then don't be surprised if the fans talk back to them on the same immature level! No matter what, a player NEVER has the right to attack a fan and if a fan crosses the line security should remove him! P.S. I'm a coach and I see this all the time…TOUGHEN UP YOUNG MAN! Just saying!

  8. Tim Walker says

    Are we producing a generation of cry-babies? Come on! The fans and the players give it to each other back and forth all season! What a bunch of sissies!

  9. Jesse Anderson says

    What a douche. 

  10. Frank Abler says

    This idiot works as an air traffic controller? Good God, I think I'll stop flying immediately.

  11. alamoaggie says

    so orr has volunteered to not attend anymore games this season, but starting next season tech would be wise to move him a back few rows, away from the players and probably out of the TV cameras.

  12. glove you says

    That fat ugly fan is childish.  Why do you need to diss opposite team players?  The fan must not have own kids.  Shame on you for your kids and future grand kids.

  13. Michael Gaines says

    I don't care if the guy said his whole family is n words u just can't win by responding like that plus you hoopin! U gonna tell me u not use to shit talkin.. no story espn juet beats the hell out of any little angle so they can fill they're 16 hours of reporting

  14. Paul Degrassi says

    This should not be tolerated on the college level. No matter what we want to say about college players they still are only 18, 19 or 20 year old kids. Totally different ball game on the NBA level, they are getting paid millions to deal with idiots like this and that is why they are classified as professionals, while college players are amateur. No place for nonsense like this in college ball, that fan should have his season tickets revoked.

  15. dinobrya2 says

    @Gail Elwood I know you thought you were giving a sound response but don't do that. :'( Your comments appeared bitter and poorly informed. By the way, the phrase is "Forty Acres and a Mule." I think it is safe to say Smart should not have gone into the seats and pushed this fellow.

  16. dinobrya2 says

    No Sir. An athlete pushing a spectator constitutes assault. Disputes between hockey players on the ice are handled within the confines of the sanctioning body. The gentleman would have been better to keep his mouth shut but he was technically assaulted.

  17. James Cahours says

    What a true Tehc fan!

  18. garrett suttle says

    ahhh texas tech fans at their finest! stay classy red raiders

  19. big12fan says

    What is the punishment for an "adult" man, living vicariously through college kids, being able to talk trash? He is definitely OLD enough to know he should SUPPORT kids trying their best and getting frustrated. If Texas Tech cannot do without his money, at least put him in the nosebleed section where he can mouth off and no one will hear him!

  20. John61188 says


  21. R S says

    I believe an appropriate response is to no longer allow Orr to sit in the lower level. His remarks and actions seem aimed at the persons, and not the opposing team, and that is inappropriate. Frankly, what Smart did was inappropriate as well, but I can relate to his response. And, although this situation did not necessarily occur because of race, there is a racial difference between Orr and Smart, and that cannot be ignored. 

  22. Keith Tipton says

    Wow, idiot and a half.  TTU had to know about this guy long ago.

  23. telka3013 says

    Smart's 19 and reacted like a 19 year old. This guy is more than twice his age and acts like a 19 year old. Nothing worse than a man who acts aggressively only because he feels protected.

  24. Charlene Horner says

    And this: http://www.thenation.com/blog/178292/ten-points-about-college-hoops-all-american-marcus-smart-pushing-fan#

  25. Charlene Horner says

    Forbes: "The answer is sanctions against the fan – loss of the privilege to attend future games and a lighter wallet. A fan can streak naked across the court or football field for fun without taunting anyone and incur such a loss. Why not punish the fan for incendiary hate speech at a vital part of the game itself? In other words, come down as hard as you want against Smart, but if the fan goes beyond the bounds of decency and there is no adverse consequence commensurate with the gravity of the bad act, this rare moment could become more frequent. That’s a game in which no one wins. And the college game itself losses."

  26. David Silva says

    Jeff Orr is a grown man and an air traffic controller, but as a hobby he makes obscene gestures at college kids on the weekend, and has for at least 5 years and counting. Why should he control airplanes if he can't control his own mouth?

  27. Kiran Setlur says

    So did everyone else come here from espn.com too?

  28. Bily Walt says

    Raciest Mr. Orr, the picture does not lie. The truth is as true as the facts it stands upon. The only direction you have is own up and grow. The Big 12 should ban fans that choose to act in vulgar ways no matter who they are, or how well they support a team. Emotions not in check can cause most anyone erratic behavior. Young athletes must learn to utilize this to their benefit. All of that said I still feel that exactly what Smart did is what our country is missing! When someone needs their ass called out or a wake up call it should be sent. That is what being American stands for! If you deserve your ass kicked then it should get kicked!! There is always right and wrong even if you have to pay something for kicking someones ass on the right side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. james jefferies says

    idc what anyone says… the fact that a fan can come into the arena and provoke the players like that should not be acceptable. there should be a code of conduct for the fans just as it is for the players. Orr shouldn't be allowed to attend any game for the rest of the season and if he does it again, he should be banned for life. they really expect these kids to keep their mouths closed while theyre full of testosterone and playing a close, competitive game? if it did come out that Orr did say a racial slur, i would ban him for life right there, but if he didn't, Smart would be suspended for 2 games and issue a public apology.

  30. Denver Wood says

    Smart messed up, he has been really emotional this year. Hopefully he gets some counseling and gets his mind right. As for this Jeff Orr douche bag, I hope he gets banned from ever attending any more basketball games. If he thinks he can cross the line and harass a teenager while in game he has another thing coming. Especially when it comes to him being racist. What a piece of garbage. Who does he think he is?

  31. Freedom_isn't_free says

    Obviously this guy has some issues, but c'mon pokes fans there is no way you can shove a fan. The older guy didn't do anything physical, sure he is probably a jerk, but please, asking players to not react physically to fans is not that difficult. I'm not saying Orr shouldn't be disciplined, ex. not allowed to go to games, or seats just moved way back, but to suggest that Smart shouldn't be suspended is stupid. 5 game suspension, effectively ends OKST season, but if it was a non lottery pick that would be the result and it's fair. Also that was a great game for Tech.

  32. hawkman2111 says

    marcus should of punched him in  the mouth

  33. Justinh Truong says

    Everyone calling this man obscene names are just as bad as he is harassing college players. Hypocritical. 

  34. RockCh4lk says

    OMG! A fan directed a gesture towards a player! WHAAATTTT… No one has ever done that in the history of sports! …. /sarcasm

  35. Kevin Schart says

    so he's not above making obscene gestures towards players.  Why shouldn't i believe that he would make obscene comments?

  36. TheKodyBoyle says

    That old guy looks crazy haha. Smart should've smacked him in the kisser

  37. pdxtim97209 says

    If anyone thought that Jeff Orr didn't say the 'n' word, this video dispels that.  Jeff Orr should be fired from his air traffic controller job. 

  38. Penis Vegetable Burrito says

    This guy reps Tech well.

  39. Kev says

    I guaranty you some of the other fans who sit by this guy can't stand his obnoxious behavior game after game, and people are going to talk.  The truth about exactly what he said will come out soon.  Regardless of what exactly was said, he admits that it was something he shouldn't have said.  If Smart is suspended, it would be classless of Texas Tech for them not to permanently revoke this guy's tickets.  He is a habitual offender and the worst kind of spectator at sports events.

  40. stimulus75 says

    Yea, because Smart suddenly couldn't handle a fan yelling "you suck" anymore.  If you believe that fan didn't say something racial, you're kidding yourself.  He deserves to have his teeth kicked in.

  41. roman61 says

    If Marcus Smart gets suspended, then maybe this person should too. Texas Tech should bar him this man from a game and make the statement that they won't tolerate classless fan behavior. (I refuse to use his name because attention is what he wants.)

  42. Lazeric White says

    Never mind I just saw it.  Dude is reckless and it boiled over last night.

  43. JohnnyContent says

    According to NBC Sports Radio, this immature piece of human garbage, Jeff Orr, told Smart to "go back to Africa."  Really?  And then, the wife ignoring her pathetic excuse for a husband's comment, points at Smart for having a problem with it. While Smart needs to learn to ignore the taunts of idiots, who for whatever reason, are entitled to be seated that close to the action…Texas Tech University also needs to ban asshole racists, who are too stupid to know better, from their campus.  Jeff Orr is a sad excuse for a man…and as an educational institution, Texas Tech should teach him something about his juvenile behavior, before they both end up learning a different lesson, the hard way!

  44. Lazeric White says

    Sorry but maybe I didn't see what he did in this particular video.  Where should I be looking?

  45. MEHTR0 says

    p.s. What is he apologizing for ! Hmmm. Lets see if he has the guts and backbone to tell Texas Tech what he may have said to Marcus Smart!

  46. MEHTR0 says

    What a knucklehead! (jeff orr). Actually look at the video between the 0:30 and 0:36 time frame. Orr gave the player who just dunked, the "up yours" gesture! I wonder if orr would have done that away from the arena. Let us see if Texas Tech Today does a follow story about knucklehead now.  

  47. Elliot says

     For Mr. Smart to act so emotional I believe him. Mr. Smart doesn't have the history of being uncontrollable on the court. He made a good play to prevent a score and his body brought him into the crowd. An investigation should occur and Mr. Smart should receive a penalty because you do not put your hands on a person in the crowd. You tell security to remove that person; you notify your coach. 

  48. Jameike King says

    We don't have any clue what the fan said but Marcus is still wrong for retaliating. I understand Marcus was under these circumstances: already being upset from being on the verge of losing your 4th straight game, declining team performance, etc., but he should've kept his composure in this situation no matter what the guy said. No one is gonna remember the guy who said what he said to Marcus years from now, but everyone is gonna remember OK State and them harboring a player who can't control himself in a hostile environment. His draft stock may go not down, but his nationwide reputation isn't gonna be the same because of this incident. That fan said what he said, went home, got 5 minutes on ESPN and is going to live his life but Marcus has put a bad name on himself and OK State. That fan could probably care less about the trouble Marcus gets into, he's just another overenthusiastic fan who pays money to see his garbage team best a ranked team once every 10 years.

  49. Aaron Franklin says

    obnoxious rich white man talks shit and then gets shoved by a frustrated black teenager

  50. Joe Palumbo says

    Looks like he's pointing his finger at him? Who cares .. Have any of u people been to games?! I go to Yankee games a lot and trust me those fans do a lot worse than point their finger at people, there's screaming, cursing, name calling ect

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