Adobe XD Tutorial – Simple Mobile UI/UX design – iOS screens


In this tutorial I am going to show you how easy it is to create a few iOS mobile permission screens with Adobe XD.

Download the .xd source file:


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  1. BluntStuntman85 says

    Very good tutorial, recommended for a begginer

  2. sheikh qureshi says

    Hi please make more tuts for app and web app designing on Adobe XD

  3. moviemagic says

    best Sketch alternative

  4. Gustavo H. says

    brasileiro né

  5. Rahul Reddy says

    great way of explaining, learnt lots of stuff and many doubts have been clarified thanks for the video.

  6. Pedro Pazmino says

    When choosing font sizes, button sizes or spacing proportions. Do you work with an established consideration such as Google Material? Or you select it randomly as you go?

  7. kenny cox says

    good speed. understandable 🙂 good info. I subscribed…going to go through all your vids on this software. thanks.

  8. Daniel Harris says

    Is there a way to export shapes / lines as an SVG file (or another application these can be copied into for the purpose of saving off)?

  9. mmara says

    Great video! I appreciate your work! However, I think it would be great if you showed a preview of your result in the beginning of your videos, so people know if this is the tutorial that will help them get on with their work.

  10. Gabriele Manna says

    Sweet! Really cool video tutorial, everything is explained very well, I needed some boost to start to use XD. Thanks Luca!

  11. The Mix says

    Where is the Layer panel?

  12. Ivan Badia says

    Looking forward to more videos and the new update to XD is getting closer to SketchApp. Now on WINDOWS 10.

  13. Ahmed Balfaqih says

    Excellent tutorial.

  14. Bhargav Parmar says

    this is really good tool

  15. Penny Lane says

    This was absolutely brilliant! thank you so much! cant wait to see more.

  16. Rahul Upadhyay says

    i like the way you explain tools and other things.. 🙂

  17. BC says

    Higher resolution please –

  18. Daniel Maldonado says

    hey luca! love this, this is great! thanks for doing this. already looking forward to checking out some of the other videos. as of today, XD now has layers & symbols so really excited about what I can learn now =D

  19. Firas Awad says

    very nice video, I hope I can see more videos from you soon

  20. Prince says

    Where to download it?
    It's not in Creative Cloud Downloader!!!

  21. R Michael Stinson says

    Great walkthrough of some basic XD features! Thanks!

  22. Joanne Harrison says


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