A Winter´s Ball // Helpless – HAMILTON: An Animal Crossing Musical


EN: Here we are with another song, the next songs are going to be a lot of fun to do.
ES: Aquí estamos con otra canción, las siguientes canciones van a ser muy divertidas de hacer.
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Amino: ~•Hamilton:ACNH Official•~
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Let’s plays terminados:
– The Darkness II:
– Sonic Lost World:
– Spec Ops The Line:
– Aragami:
– Bioshock:
– Bioshock 2:

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  1. Guitar_Knight14 says

    EN: I hope you liked the surprise, today we have 2 songs for 1. I had to do them together yes or yes. It was a lot of fun doing them and this trinity will ended up with "Satisfied" the next week, take care and enjoy it.

    ES: Espero que les haya gustado la sorpresa, hoy tenemos 2 canciones por 1. Tenía que hacerlas juntas sí o sí. Fue muy divertido hacerlas y esta trinidad terminará con Satisfied la próxima semana. Cuídense y disfrútenlo.

  2. Gretchen Fawn says

    Who here is so ready for guns and ships

  3. Mildly Shiny says

    You should a series of all the songs.. just sayin 😗👉👈

  4. bijou baybee says

    Raymond being flirty is just. incredible.

  5. Edward VI says

    Is it ok that I’m waiting for The World was wide enough?

  6. Hammygirl Official says

    Have to admit, Raymond’s eyes are pretty

  7. Genix says

    Eliza dancing is the cutest 🥺

  8. Kabo 375 says

    I loved the detail of the flowers with "Mulligan"

  9. D Mann says

    Nobody:Hamilton & Burr: 1:05 heyy 😏😏

  10. Grace says

    Who else is excited to see when this is all done and he makes a 2 and a half hour animal crossing Hamilton

  11. Oreo Duckling says

    I love how Phillip Schuyler is just burr with glasses. 😂 It makes it even funnier that he takes his own senate seat later

  12. Sarah Lynn says

    this is the best thing I have seen in my entire life and I want to thank everyone who made this video possible

  13. Maki's Sketches says

    How girls react when they find raymond

  14. Kawaii Chan and Amy Dreemurr says

    Me when I saw Raymond on a nook mile ticket island: 2:14

  15. Daniel Gonzales says


  16. Camera Vice says

    My favourite part was mulligan was dancing down the isle

  17. Bananas United says

    What will Philip come out as?! Animal or human?!

  18. Cosmic Galaxy says

    me: *realizes that people die in hamilton*also me: they can do it

  19. Alexis Franklin says

    Ok so i've seen a lot of people recreate this song in animal crossing(it also happens to be one of my favs in the musical) but this is the best i've seen its 10 times better than the others and almost made me cry at how beautiful it was! The attention to detail is amazing!! Can't wait for Satisfied!!

  20. Gacha Fox says

    I can't wait for say no to this and satisfied keep up the good work!

  21. Melissa Essa Somthing says

    who knew that hamilton was a furry

  22. • leah alexandii • says

    *obnoxious head bobbing*

  23. Kaden Adams says

    this is awesome.

  24. Jakki Alindada says

    How does this guy not have 10 million Subs?!?!?!

  25. Jakki Alindada says

    I’m so excited for Cabinet battle 2

  26. Wolves Way says

    I really like that Hamilton is a cat

  27. Oldhamdustin013 says

    2 in 1?! And people say 2020 cant get better.

  28. Anime Rat says

    "Look at those eyes~" raymonds eyes: T-T

  29. Julius says

    The cute characters and animations make the song more meaningful for me no joke

  30. lunix 356 says

    This is so amazing. You're creativity is incredible. Has Lin seen this?

  31. Austin Anderson says

    Well done, as always!

  32. Un cuento friki says

    Lo peor es que sí imagino a Hamilton escribiéndole toda esa montaña de cartas… En dos semanas xD

  33. Carol Jenkins says

    Is this genius or what?

  34. XItstwigx says

    Hamilton and burr: hey✨ 😏

  35. Diss-Pair says

    I really like the new Eliza dress!

  36. Chinwe says

    Who else started singing "hey hey hey" too?? 😌

  37. KiwiLuvsPie OwO says

    Just realized burr is the only one of hams “friends” that is human

  38. SmolKits says

    Hamilton: my love for you is never I doubtMaria Reynolds: hold my candle

  39. Mahantesh Patil says

    This is the best crossover of all time

  40. Korey Moore says

    “Look at those eyes”Raymond is perfect for this exact reason 😹I will say with casting, it feels weird that a cat and human are getting married. I don’t know why but even if it was like a goat I feel like it would’ve made more sense 😹

  41. Lucas TPR says

    I never really paid attention to the lyrics, and as a slight weeb I was unprepared to hear "harem".

  42. temed says

    Gimme satisfied!!

  43. Icy Foxi says

    "Eliza, I'm poor, no one knows who I am, and yeah we're gonna live on this bench." IDOIDOIDOIDOIDOOOOO

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