A Perfectly Working Music Disc Farm?… – Minecraft X Life SMP (51)


sorry this video got taken down ( audio was messed up ) please leave a like to combat the pesky algorithm! thanks!

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Outro Song – Brotherhood By Lucrecia

  1. SeaPeeKay says

    Hey everyone! sorry about the reupload! the audio levels were all wrong!
    please leave a like on the video! I appreciate you all!
    together we can beat this pesky algorithm

  2. Txiku snijders says

    I'm pretty sure he'll not make revenue for playing crab rave, the license is 5 pounds a month and I doubt he paid for it

  3. Crazy Cowboy says

    Algorithm yay

  4. Mini says

    Crab Rave is great

  5. Thistle Roberts says

    Yo the Crab Rave was kind of a bop

  6. Jenchac says

    Screw the algorithm!

  7. Hailey Rose says

    We love a “tasty new spanner!” 😋

  8. Hailey Rose says

    I can enjoy the video without the aggressive music 😌

  9. Girliest Mammy says


  10. Danielle Vernon says

    I love how you say “I have been Seapeekay” at the end of your videos, you’re still Seapeekay lol love you ❤️

  11. Sherilene Tiopo says

    It’s so weird that we are hemorrhaging subs…. it’s so unfortunate.

  12. Darkest Argentum says

    you need water in a mob farm to move the mobs AWAY from the spawners to prevent that exact thing

  13. KineDreamer Girl says


  14. Arian McClanachan says

    Jimmy is going to be so jealous that you got Crab Rave! Hahahaha

  15. Ayla Lynch says

    I feel like you need some parrots to truly enjoy your music disc collection

  16. Jakub Maciejewski says

    CRAB RAVE, pum pum pampampampam

  17. Jakub Maciejewski says

    Realistically though the mob spawner shouldn't have blown up, i think it's a bug

  18. arla koala says

    you can modify the spawners with sugar and clocks ect so check that ut

    whoever is reading this i hope you have a great day

  19. ꧁𝚜𝚞𝚗_ 𝚌𝚊𝚔𝚎꧂ says

    Can I say that I play iOS and and use a iron sord with 4 enchanting and can kill a zombie in one hit No modes

  20. InwardBubbles 13 says

    Not gonna lie the crab rave is definitely a bop!

  21. Juliet Phillips says

    Hey Callum! I’m sorry YouTube is being mean

  22. SD dragonfox says


  23. moxy says

    Oh my

  24. Alex Jones says

    The creeper blew up because the skeleton aggroed it obviously.

  25. Violette Rose says

    Can you do a….

    Among us vid

    Speed run (minecraft)

    Hard challenge (minecraft)

    Find a new game

    Does are my ideas. These are just ideas

  26. Laura Anga says

    you can enchat your sword and try to get captive of enchant books :3

  27. Dian Naydenov says

    Hi boyyuuu

  28. Ayu games says

    Seepeky the quality of your vids are soo low can you make a little high love you

  29. Brian B. says

    Have separate rooms above the killing area for the spawners (modeled like the zombie spawner trap on https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Tutorials/Spawner_traps.
    Position the creeper area in front of the skeleton area. At the end of the water, place a two-high trench and water at one end of the trench to propel them into a hole. From there, they should fall into a pit like the one you set up.

  30. Stefan Sutu says

    Thats one of the rarest music discs…

  31. Orange flavor says

    Me being stuck on episode 10 🤓😎

  32. rhodekill1 says

    Put blast proof glass around the farm and then have a drop down from the spawn er so the creeper doesn’t blow up it’s own spawner

  33. dontdrink tapwater says

    You can also upgrade spawners

  34. dontdrink tapwater says

    You can get unlimited totems of undying if you make a wandering trader spawner

  35. Athena Snow Fox says

    This was literally the first thing on my recommended °-°

  36. Robin D. says

    Well, there is a reason a music disc farm usually keeps skeletons and creepers in seperate holes about 4-6 blocks apart. A creeper will aggro at another attacking mob, when it is close enough… The correct setup is:
    | Skeleton i Creeper i i Bait (i being fences (not gates)). So you would put Skeleton Spawner in one room/hole, creeper spawner in the next with skeleton having sight of it, then a space neither the skeleton or the creeper get to, and then another space for you. If you want it afkable, a water curtain in that area between to stop arrows from hitting you, golem…

  37. Infinite Tsukuramen says

    I have an idea! make the room out of obsidian, and surround the spawners in obsidian so that the creepers won't blow them up after they spawn.

  38. Stefano Coppo says

    BTW the spawner blew up because the skelly took too long to lkill the creeper so another one spawned, it saw you and blew up

  39. Roxi Rock says

    I finck if the creper sees you he is goana explode

  40. Casey McDaniel says

    I watch your entire videos. I love your vids !!

  41. Freya Miller says

    Callum, you can get music discs from skeletons killing each other too, maybe if you did that then your spawner would have less chance of blowing up if it did?

  42. Stefano Coppo says

    Callum you can make the spawner spawn faster wth sugar

  43. Im Dumb says

    Can someone ma,e a song about callum singing This Is Happening and call it THIS IS HAPPENING lol

  44. Itz_ya_ panda says

    Tommyinnit wants this XD

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