1. Logan Crawford says

    Still waiting for the NEAT video

  2. Savva Morozov says

    that's neat

  3. CytoCytoGuyo says

    I noticed the shirts don't worry buddy

  4. Hierony says

    Maybe fun to try to learn an AI to play Agar.io.

  5. snoopyguy21 says

    Is the music in this video stock music or can I find it somewher

  6. Naro says

    I kind of want to go to brilliant.org just to learn how to write a neural network that will learn to play competitive Pokémon. Which is probably way too big of an early project.

  7. Grand Cookie says

    1 year later still wating for that explanation

  8. lazylion games says

    We not going to talk about how he-oh he talked about it

  9. CreamnCoffee2 says

    I don't understand, why some continue to fail at the start? Clearly the AI can see that one is reaching past 800, all the AI should be doing the same.

  10. Liam Feil says

    Came for the AI, stayed for the grass

  11. Luke Moore says

    Code Bullet: you ready for some intense rock music?Me: NO, MOM TAKE ME HOME I'M SCARED. (music starts) Oh wait it's not that bad

  12. Cinnamon Kittamon says

    Would be even cooler if shirt colour was directly linked to their traits. Since child drivers will have similar traits to their parents, the colour still passes down to some degree, but it is still a bunch of colours at the end

  13. Ben Thomason says

    At 16:33, it becomes a dodge ram truck commercial. All it needs is a voiceover from Sam Elliot.

  14. Ulises Garcia says

    So the YouTube Algorithm takes me back to pre-3d code bullet 😌 feels2020 man.

  15. Kane Palmer says

    If he connected a wii remote to his computer could he teach an AI to play Mario cart?

  16. Black katana says

    When your watching an ai play a game better than you can

  17. Black katana says

    When your rewatching your favorite youtuber's videos because your bored of waiting for this slow af process of him uploading

  18. BenOver says

    0:54 I am from the future WHERE IS THAT VIDEO

  19. Aiden Zorn says

    Should’ve added score for doing flips

  20. Jackson Gilman says

    Why is bob rozz driving the car doe?

  21. ChrisK_04 says

    Started playing this again and YouTube just reccomends a video about it to me

  22. Daniel Keeton says

    You never did make a neat video.

  23. Cheng32290 says

    Hey, how much time did you spend on re-creating the game and the AI?It's awesome!

  24. Melhor Comentário says

    wanted to learn recommends some course

  25. Arnav Kapoor says

    When it's been 2 years and the NEAT video hasn't come

  26. jonathan toothbreaker says

    1 year later he still haven’t made the tutorial.

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