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  1. danielle chetwynd says

    The salad you made looked soooo crunchy and delicious!! Is that the Costco salad you always rave about?!

  2. airam rincon says

    My favorite is the one of Julia doing Haley biebers make up! And basically all of vlog weeks!!

  3. Melanie Koceski says

    Ah I cannot pick one video!! Love your hauls/styling inspo videos & your vlogs. One of my fav vlogs was your trip to Europe cuz that’s when I found your guys channel!! ❤️-@melkoceski

  4. Erika Ramsland says

    favorite recent video: 24 hours with us, you guys could just sit talk and eat and I’d love to watch🤣 love u both!

  5. Katy Mayeux says

    Originally what brought me to your channel was the home decor but I immediately fell in love with the aesthetic of pretty much everything you do haha I mean you’re the style icon of the year haha but def love a good vlog though

  6. Angelie Acevedo says

    Hunters hair is giving me game of thrones vibes

  7. Allison Wood says

    I love the day in your life videos AND your Vegas trip 👏🏼

  8. Danielle Malles says

    It’s so relaxing to watch you guys 😊

  9. Natalie Tompkins says

    Love the set that your wearing ! I like the morning routine video or the Hailey Bieber make up tutorial. 💕All done 😊 IG: natiitompkins

  10. Kylie Weber says

    Love hearing you talk to goose Julia 😂

  11. Kylie Weber says

    I like the hair cut!

  12. Kayla Roy says

    fav videos are your weekly vlogs…they give me something to look forward to every day😊 love you guys and your channel!

  13. Lily Rose says

    What’s the song intro?💕

  14. Deena Ray says

    And that is why I cant buy ritz crackers, I will keep eating them!

  15. Dani Clark says

    Julia your arms look great and Hunter like the new hair length!

  16. Beauty by Chelsea Dae says

    Love the onion chopping ASMR LOL I think my favorite videos are your athleisure/basics/comfys hauls/styling videos! Buttttt your vlogs also always make me laugh sooo it's hard to pick!

  17. Alise Delacey says

    Lovely haircut hunter👍❤️

  18. Brogan Vanessa says

    ooooh those hair products sound amazing!! 😍I’d have to say your travel vlogs and your Walmart series are my absolute favorite videos, they give me so much inspo and they are so fun to watch! 💖💖💖

  19. Nicole Macomber says

    I was SO excited to see all your yummy Recipes!! You both always kill your videos👏My favorite video is your anniversary vlog

  20. Sara Bartelli says

    I don’t have a single favorite, but I LOVE the spritz and chips ones, and your vlog weeks!!!!! love you two 🥰

  21. Jillian Lynch says

    I’m in love with your kitchen and dining room tour video!! Ive already ordered the barstools. I love ALL of y’all’s home decor because it’s very similar to my me and boyfriend’s 💛

  22. Sam Atherley says

    Love the vlogs! Especially traveling ones

  23. Elaera Tamura says

    when julia was questioning hunter’s hairstyle😂😂 love it

  24. Vorasa PRODUCTION says

    ☮Julia is the best..waw….share this video-💓 hug for all💓

  25. Lourdes Danushka says

    ❤💛cutest couple ever!!!!!!!

  26. Gina Marie says

    Sorta early for once lol love from Florida everyone ❤️ have a great day !

  27. Carla Smith says

    My favorite video is the Bohemian kitchen and dining room about 2 months ago. Love the inspiration I get from you all. Love love your style.

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