A Defensive Star Emerges? Madden 21 Washington Football Team Franchise Ep.6


We’re back with another episode of our Washington Football Team Franchise on Madden 21 and we’re facing off against the pissed off 0-4 L.A. Rams!

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  1. Alvin Gunn Jr says

    I enjoy watching this series and your Madden 21 franchise. I wish you the best of luck with your season and franchise. I really do hope u get the win cause you are doing a job with your franchise. I also like where plus do believe that you will have success in your franchise. I look forward to and can’t wait for the next episode #KeepTheSeriesGoing #WatchTilTheEnd #AlwaysLeaveALike

  2. JGULY I says

    this is funny because apke is doing really well in training camp rn

  3. DJ Burke says

    Upload these more often

  4. Chris Roth says

    Lol at 7:56 when he calls a zone, drops Davis down to the line (even tho no blitz is called???) and then gets burnt where davis should be. "ThErE iS LiTtErAlLy nO oNE cOvErInG rIgHt NoW"

  5. andres cuevas says

    Jeromepkr what are your slides mannn i want a good franchise sliders

  6. MasterShiShi says

    im a rams fan and i dont even wanna watch them

  7. Nathan Hayes says

    in madden the redskins endzone is awful, you can’t see anything, not sure how you are doing so well with that obstacle

  8. Nathan Hayes says

    9:29 pause

  9. ZachGaming says

    terry mcclaurin in my franchise has 750 yeards and 13 touchdowns in week 8, he's an absolute monster

  10. Mustang 302 says

    All you need is 4 yards a play at least 4×4=12

  11. Jon King says

    You should find a way to pick up John Ross. Hed be a cool spin for the team. Maybe a new era DeSean Jackson

  12. Marquaris Smith says

    Put kevin Harmon in a wideout 2

  13. pushingsincedayone says

    damn now the sliders seem a lil too low 💀

  14. UW Empire says

    Make a stream funny moments

  15. UW Empire says

    Rams have the coliseum

  16. Nicholas Smith says

    I’m hype

  17. Coke Gaming says

    When using the Rams they actually aren’t that bad if you actually use Akers. He’s so nice when you can combine him with short balls to Kupp/ Reynolds

  18. MM Jay says

    Post next episode

  19. Cooper Paugh says

    Nooo! No Leonard Fourtnette

  20. Tyler Davis says

    Haskins(Jerome) played well this game. Also in the next vid could u show the stats so far and the snaps played? I’d like to see who’s playing the most among the defensive line mostly and who isn’t playing a lot

  21. Zachary Brodka says

    So I'm not crazy and it's unrealistically hard to play defense and the QB accuracy is phenomenal.Goddamn it, EA.

  22. Alaskan Snow says

    call it the WTF, Watching the Football (washington sounds like watching hahah get it ;-; )

  23. Zephyr ? says

    Where do you stream

  24. Ethan RL says

    another banger video 😀

  25. Thing Person says

    I appreciate how he calls the linemen a god even thou he quite literally allowed the fumble he saved.

  26. MS24 says

    Is there an option to change the team name?

  27. Jackson Lawson says

    WTF (Washington Team of Football)

  28. Shaheer Rizvi says

    any spots open for online franchise?

  29. Joe Mcdonald says

    keep up the work tho bro

  30. Muffledbox says

    Lol Jeromes like Landon relax he’s your teammate then 10 seconds later1:46

  31. Jonathan Lewis says

    I got 2 questions. Are you playing on the xbox. And if so what draft class did you download

  32. shotguncat20 says

    I love this series I wish you would post everyday

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