9-Year-Old Wants To Be The FIRST Female NBA Player


9-year-old Jaliyah Manuel is destined for greatness…

COMMENT with a team you would love to see Jaliyah play for!

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  1. BROTHER Life says

    My dream is to be a girl basketball

  2. PedroMendz says

    Wasn't there already a woman in the NBA before?

  3. Teresa Carmona says

    me doing the same thing as her but dont got trophise or nun……….idk how to spell lol

  4. Swyn MYST says


  5. Dozald Trump says

    9 yrs old and already better than me

  6. th3ykrave Kb gaming says

    Honestly I really don’t blame her because WNBA don’t get as much recognition as the WNBA and also not to hate on my own gender but like I love fast pace and aggressive basketball but WNBA just goes to slow like honestly females I just feel like they’re too like scary to play sports and also like I love playing football with my cousins and I just love how aggressive football is but ofc there isn’t a NFL so I would atleast love for a women’s football league and tackling involved but yeah I’m pretty sure it’s not going to happen for her like not even brining her dreams down it’s not going to happen.

  7. Steve Sibaja says

    Best Dad training with he's Daughter and advancing her💪💪💪💪💪🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀

  8. Steve Sibaja says

    She's Stephanie Curry💪💪💪💪💪🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀

  9. Wazza Bop says

    But the wnba is for women…. Bruh

  10. aurelilaah says

    0:00 that’s true GIRL can’t BE IN THE NBA it’s for boys but girls can be in the WNBA so yea girl never ever you can play in the NBA

  11. AustinGaming says

    “I’m not going to give up on my dream just because people say girls can’t be in the nba.”

    Yeah well, it’s true.

  12. Ray Murk says

    I’ll be the first male in the WNBA. Just cause it’s all females doesn’t mean a male can’t join

  13. Ulmatrax says


  14. Wes McNutt says

    If she doesnt grow past 6'0, she won't make it. that is just cold, hard facts. there have hardly been any NBA players in history shorter than 6'0, and if you are a woman, is is naturally less athletic than a man, I'm sorry if it hurts your feelings, but you just won't make it in the league

  15. Jack Latham says

    0:04 but you literally can’t make it to the NBA 😂 it’s a league made for only men to play in ffs

  16. Mario Lamb says

    I love her she is strong

  17. Rage More says

    life aint fair kid.

  18. MaximilianMus says

    She might get into the WNBA but I wish she would understand she just can’t get into the NBA and if she ever did I would personally give her $10,000

  19. Joonoh Capre says

    Can wait to play against her in the nba!

  20. Mamta Taragi says

    I also like this

  21. Tyler MakesHD says

    A girl in the nba will never happen😂

  22. Tiana Bankhead says

    Come on girls can do good stuff

  23. Noel Munoz says

    She’s going far in life

  24. Lily MOFFATT says

    That’s what the WNBA is for

  25. Salih Mohammed says

    An a boy and a girl can be in the NBA

  26. Aham braba says

    Womans cant go to the nba

  27. CREED THAT BOY says

    She is in nick cannon movie (she ball) and she is his daughter in the movie

  28. Sweet_ rxses says

    i love the fact that she loves basket ball and still has a barbie dream house in her bedroom 🙂

  29. Jaydoes says

    So one day off.

  30. crimsonbay says

    always my #1 favorite!

  31. Anj Diongco says

    Girl cant be in the nba

  32. Lonnie Steele says

    I play football baseball and basketball

  33. Charles Flemington says

    It’s simple nba is the frocking men’s league and dot. Pretend there are not biological differences

  34. Ethan Medina says

    My range is three pointer

  35. Paul Ruiz says

    Sorry but never gonna happen…..how about she’s the best in WNBA

  36. CREED THAT BOY says

    I want to be the first male wnba player

  37. CREED THAT BOY says

    She must be strong physical because she can get hurt and she must break records,get rookie of the year,3 or 4 mvps and some rings

  38. Gregg Heffley says

    maybe wnba but never nba.. lots of kids prodigy already shown in youtube.. most didn't make it to D1

  39. Jack Reid says

    Me being jealous because these kids actually have a talent

  40. Jack Reid says

    Has she heard of the WNBA

  41. Phumlile Ndlovu says

    She has to be strong physically or those men will break her

  42. Dylan Declan says

    Girls can do more than man so believe your self

  43. Fried Marshmallow says

    I wanna do the same thing and i know I'm a good player but my parents don't let me practice like this that's why i have to find something else I wanna do 😐

  44. Beckett Brauer says

    jaden newman said the same thing

  45. Dylan Lambert says

    Not trying toCrush your dreams but when people say girls can’t be in the NBA it’s actually true like it’s not possible for a girl to be an NBA that’s why they have the WNBA that’s for the girls

  46. Angelique tuyisenge says

    You people don't understand she. Said "the goals i wanna achieve r first playing in the WNBA then also play in the NBA"
    Plus i Know y'all won't like sooo

  47. Jayden Redfern says

    So essentially this is going to be a female version of MJ

  48. Trickyy says

    Jaliyah"Im 9 years old"

    Dad Tying her shoes

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