7 SHOCKING Video Game TWISTS That Changed Franchises


Many games have twists and surprising reveals, but only a select few shakeup entire franchises. Here are some examples of bombshell revelations for certain prolific game series.
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  1. un_immortal says

    The twist on the legendary Strelok hits me really hard

  2. SLOBDOG7 says

    Everybody seems to have forgot about The Last of Us 2🤔 (not a bad thing I suppose) perfect example of how to completely ruin a story

  3. Chris Dubay says

    If black ops 1 isn't in here…

  4. David 8 says

    Vega as god from Doom Eternal

  5. Kw1q51lv3r says

    The Second Dream and The War Within quests in WarframeI will not say any more

  6. SonnyTheGamer says

    The game that really blew my mind was warframe in the quest second dream.

  7. Grant says

    Soul Reaver 2 should of made this list.

  8. 203 269 shawhan Faraz says

    Gta san?

  9. Captain MacMellon says

    Abby from The Last of Us 2

  10. Ian Fox says

    The Reven reveal shocked me to my core, ill never forget this its why its my number 1 best game i ever played.

  11. ThurisDubs says

    5:53 >Talking about sci-fi stuff>Tom DeLonge appears

  12. VodKaVK says

    Imagine thinking that Bioshock's Infinite was intelligent

  13. Farzin says

    When you play Fallout 76 and it works!!!!!!Biggest gaming twist EVER!!!

  14. Terra says

    I remember crying when Shepherd died. I was like..NO BRO! NO! I DON'T WANT TO PLAY SOMEONE ELSE! SHEPHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERD!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 haha…and now im playing andromeda…that game is such a graphical clusterfuck. 0 polish…game is there…story is there…but 0 polish.

  15. Blue .Barrymore says

    To be fair mass effect 2 and 3 are bad games

  16. Blue .Barrymore says

    Falcon sounds wierd

  17. Salman Khan says

    Im surprised they didn't add SOMA in this list!

  18. Aqueel Kadri says

    Luckily i played Spec Ops The Line before Black Ops cuz i didnt find the Black Ops ending as impactful when i got to it because i had already experienced Spec Ops. (too many Ops for gods sake wtf) And i would have it that way instead of the other way round cuz Spec Ops left a dent in my heart and that wouldn't have happened if i had played black ops first imo.

  19. Sion Toh says

    You play as raiden after the tanker mission in MSG2. Kojima and Konami manage to hide that for the whole of the development of MGS 2.

  20. Asif Mohammed says

    What About MW2 Shepherd betrayal or was it a twist?

  21. Adam says

    I cried so much at the Big Boss reveal scene

  22. Rirei G Maki says

    Mass Effect 2 and Assassin's Creed 3. They both had me shook but AC3 shocked me the most.

  23. Desmond Pascual says

    5:53 – Tom De Longe 😂

  24. The Harlequin says

    Black ops is still the best Call Of Duty Game. Fight me.

  25. The Harlequin says

    No. YOUR"E darth Revin.

  26. Fingers On Plastic says

    End of resistance 2 when they off Nathan quite surprised me!

  27. Logan Ullock says

    What about ghost from modern warfrare 2

  28. James Grafton says

    Why aren't you covering the new cyberpunk 2077 news like you had one job

  29. Jay says

    Prototype: Alex Mercer IS the Black Light Virus!

  30. Æ says

    Clickbait,but a good video.

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