5 Most AMBITIOUS Games That Were Never Released


Some video games looked ambitious and next-generation-esque but unfortunately never saw the light of day. Here are some of our favorite missing video game projects.
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  1. Andrew Darrington says

    I just hope that Black Myth Wukong game doesn't end up like these.

  2. Necrom says

    Many people still waiting for Skate 4

  3. A B says

    Why would u include prince of Persia as if it was that good 🤣 god of war knock off in 3D and Castlevania knock off in 2D. This what u played when god of war was too violent in your house 🤣 reminds of these lame ass videos games weebs play like final fantasy or kingdom hearts 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Sharvy says

    Don’t forget the concept of Prey 2.

  5. Vanraj vannu006 says

    Patriots would have been good game

  6. RACdigitalart says

    the next midnight club game

  7. bruce says


  8. boydstr says

    StarWars Battlefront 3

  9. Robin blup says

    In 10 years they make another vid about unreleased games and GTA 6 will be on the top of the list!!

  10. MONSTRO G says

    Cyberpunk fans sweating nervously

  11. Koen Hoekstra says

    It really liked Battlefront 1 and 2. I really would have liked to play BF 3.

  12. Gold Prain says

    What about DEEP DOWN? It looks so good to this day people are making fake Elden Ring TRAILERS out of the GAMEPLAY footage.

  13. Max says

    To be honest, the Prince of Persia Redemption looks much better than the remake right now. Also a pity Ubisoft changed the Rainbow Six Patriot into Siege which ignores the story campaign. I am not a fan of multiplayer competition. I just wanna enjoy a good story. Plus: Splinter Cell series is also my favorite, but it seems that Ubisoft has no intention to release 7 anymore.

  14. Karnage Gaming says

    eight days looks so good. even by todays standards while the effects do look aged. the cinematics are top notch and id enjoy it more then alot of current games.

  15. Knight_A Gaming says

    Sleeping Dogs 2 : (

  16. cryora says

    I don't know if this counts but Unreal Tournament. The devs left it for Fortnite and it basically became a community project.

  17. abmong says

    Project Offset

  18. Joshua C says

    Star wars Battlefront 3 for sure! I'd still pay sticker price to play that game. Galaxy in Turmoil was suppose to be a spiritual successor but seems like they've fallen off the wagon. :/

  19. Evil D. says

    Where's the Half Life 3 joike?

  20. Lewis McGregor says

    not on the list but i rly want to play terraria otherworld

  21. Nauris2111 says

    Add Star Citizen to this.

  22. Himanshu Lad says

    What about Half life 3?

  23. -igMac- says

    The industry needs an Star Wars online rpg

  24. Modern Man says

    Earthbound 64

  25. Yogeshwar Maithani says

    total overdose 2

  26. Beaudene says

    Beyond Good and Evil 2

  27. Jay Rebirth says


  28. D4yzR3kt says

    Sleeping dogs 2 😕😥

  29. Sophisticated Ignorance says

    Honestly was expecting to see Prey 2 on here

  30. The Guardian says

    Silent Hill

  31. Snigdha Singh says


  32. Ashuram Tv says

    Another game: Roller Champions

  33. Steve F says

    Dirty Harry, The Legacy of Kain franchise and soon to be added to the list, Beyond Good and Evil 2 will that game ever come out?

  34. FinesseU Tv says

    What happened to that pc game that claimed people would be able to have jobs online and shit it looked perfect but I knew it would never release

  35. Konstantin says

    There also was This Is Vegas.

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