5 Mistakes That Will Damage Or Ruin Your Computer Motherboard #amitkarmakar


5 Mistakes That Will Damage Or Ruin Your Computer Motherboard

We all have the computer nowadays, those time are gone when computers are considered as a luxury. Computers are now a necessity. If we talk about computers, motherboard is one of the crucial components and is known as the heart of a computer.

Motherboard is the place where each and every part of a computer is connected, like a graphics card, Dvd drive, Hard disk all are plugged into the motherboard. So, it always becomes necessary to take proper care of the motherboard.

Motherboards can also get damaged for numerous reasons, although there are a few common culprits. Here we will discuss the most common causes of motherboard failure. You can avoid these mistakes to take care of your motherboard.

#1 Heating Problem

The most common reason why motherboard fails is the heat. Almost every component of a computer is heat sensitive, and while all the components are operating it becomes quite hot as they produce a lot of heat themselves.

If heating problem continues over a time period, then it can lead to motherboard failure. Therefore, make sure all the cooling fans are working properly and store your CPU in a cool place. You can even try to clean out the dirt from the computer.

#2 Short Circuits

In short, Motherboard conducts electricity and transfers it to other computer components, so it can’t come into close touch with any metal, like CPU chassis or any badly installed component. CPU coolers are the common reason for short circuits and often cause irreversible damage to motherboards.

The best way to avoid short circuits is to examine how your motherboard is installed. You need to check whether all the internal wires are properly shielded with rubber or plastic exterior.

#3 Electrical Spikes and Power Surges

Electrical spikes are the short-lived outburst of energy in an electrical circuit. You may have noticed the sudden change in voltage while turning on your air conditioners or refrigerators. This type of electricity problem can cause irreparable damage to the motherboard.

Weather conditions like lightning cause sudden change of voltage and this is what causes damage to the delicate circuits in your motherboard. So, to protect your motherboard from electrical spikes, use a good quality surge protector and turn off the computer/ unplug the computer during heavy lightning.

#4 Electrical Damage

These are the most common form of damage that very often happens to motherboard during computer maintenance. Installing new peripheral devices, if the technician has static electricity built up on his/her hand, it can get into the motherboard, which leads to motherboard failure.

#5 During installation of hardware

If any of the component installed on your motherboard malfunction then your computer may not even turn on. Improper installation of RAM and graphics cards are most likely sources of your problems because problems on those areas are easy to neglect.

Therefore, make sure to check each component are properly seated.

Sometimes it hard to diagnose a damaged motherboard and sometimes it’s easy. But, if your computer is randomly powering down, or showing up a hardware error then it might be the indication of motherboard failure.

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